Friday, January 18, 2008

I Keep Tellin Ya

Yes, this is going to be a recession.

Think Progress

Indicating the “depth of subprime losses and housing woes,” the “Dow Jones industrial average lost more than 300 points” today, “bringing its decline to 15 percent since its peak in October.” “Basically every day now, you have more and more investors leaning toward the camp that yes, this is going to be a recession, and it could be a severe one,” said David Kovacs, a quantitative investment strategist at Turner Investment Partners in Pennsylvania.

The questions are , how bad and how long?
Stupie McFuckwit is going out of his way apparently to leave a scorched earth economy for his Republican fluff boys to crow about.
All this can be left directly at his feet and no amount of spin by his laughing hyena apologists is going to put it anywhere else.

One of the very first things the next administration should do, if they're smart, is to come up with a realistic energy policy with heavy incentives to get as many fucking cars off the road as possible that run on gasoline and get with the many alternatives.
We have got to wean off of as much imported oil as this country can stand to do.

I know the cognitive dissonance that it causes when you hear some old school gear head like me say that, but it's true.We have the fucking technology, it's the incentives that are sorely lacking and you ain't gonna get any from Bush.
We have on the shelf technology that would bump average MPG up ten miles per gallon, minimum. You will see it, it just has to get so fucking expensive to drive what we have now that the public starts wanting it badly enough.
I have a clue you can keep an eye on as a barometer.
When you quit seeing so many of these goddamn Hummers on the road because the ignorant fucks can't afford to fuel them up, yer gettin' close.

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  1. gonna? dood, its forking here already. i've not seen a hummer iin ages up here where they were popular with the yuppies 'roughing it'.