Thursday, January 03, 2008

Huckabee Is A Scab.

Unions asked Huckabee not to cross picket line.

Before former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee appeared yesterday on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, officials from the Writers Guild of America contacted his staff to “clear up any ‘confusion’” by making “it crystal clear that he was indeed crossing a picket line.” The Machinists (IAM) union, which has endorsed Huckabee, also implored him not to cross the picket line, saying “he risks losing the support his jobs and economic policies have won for him among trade unionists.”
My bold.
Article from Think Progress

That does it for me.
Mr. Huckabee has crossed a line that can't be uncrossed.

I am Pro Union. I was raised in a union household, broken though it was, and taught that you never, ever cross a picket line, EVER.
I have walked picket lines, I have supported strikes and strikers. I will always support strikers, because I have been there and done that,it is something you never forget.
Now a Presidential candidate seeking the highest office in the land has crossed a picket line in order to get his face on the network television shows.

Democrat, Republican or Independent, he just gave you an unmistakable message,
decent, hardworking Americans do not matter to him.The only thing that matters to him is power, the power of high office.
I would like for everyone that reads this to spread this message;
Mike Huckabee is a Scab.
Scabs do not belong in the Whitehouse.


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  1. I'm pro-union as well. I've belonged to a couple of company unions, like the Western States Service Station Employees Union, but never to a real one.

    When the grocery checkers were striking Safeway, we went to Albertsons. I'm glad we have two grocery stores.