Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We The People Lose Our Champion

I woke up a little early this morning before the alarm.
While I was lying there, scratching myself, the alarm went off.
It is set to the local liberal station in Portland and Peter DeFazio was being interviewed.
I like DeFazio,I grew up and lived in Oregon most of my life.
Peter an announced that John Edwards is dropping out of the bid for President.

I almost turned off the alarm and called in sick.

We have lost our Champion because of a corrupt and complicit media.
This pisses me off, severely and I don't have time to go off because I have to get my ass is gear and go to That Place.
Edwards was too much of a threat to Corporate America and could not be allowed to get near that big of a selection of the levers of Power.

I sincerely hope that if one of the Remaining candidates takes back the Whitehouse that they find a spot for him so he can go hunting down these sonsabitches that have raped our country and stuck the money in a bag and strutted off.

We have lost a giant opportunity today.


  1. You are correct Busted. So tired of this whore media that loves war and corporations. Not happy at all. Will we ever get our democracy back? The will rip the guts out of the black man eat it and then smile.

  2. Amen. I am clinging to one small shred of hope, though, in the way Edwards parsed his withdrawal -- he's "suspending" his campaign, not ending it. He also hasn't endorsed either Clinton (who never saw a corporation she didn't love) or Obama (ditto). The suspension rather than complete withdrawal means he hasn't released any delegates he may have, and there is the (admittedly remoted) possibility he could come back into the race if the two remaining candidates eviscerate each other sufficiently.

  3. Interesting thought, Nan, but I'm thinking he's just dropped out. If he really wanted to be influential, he could have timed his announcement better. Picking up more delegates in Super Mega Frickin' Tuesday probably would have put him in a better position.