Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire Results

Hillary Squeaks past Obama, 39% to 36% At 8:00 PM Left Coast time.
Edwards at 17%.
McCain gets the nod for the R team.
The rest of the republicans got...
Who am I kidding, I could give a Fuck what the rest of 'em got.


  1. Yes, I find myself somewhat disinterested in the Rs as well. Even McCain strikes me as about five IQ points below a rabid hamster, with a shorter attention span.

    My theory about Clinton is that lots of folks who were going to vote for the candidates at the bottom of the pile decided to vote for Hillary instead. Don't know if it's the truth, but the numbers add up.

  2. I'll vote for whoever the dem is and in some ways happy Clinton won. If it is to be Obama the machine will rip him a new asshole. Neither of these two reflect where I am coming from.