Tuesday, September 20, 2011

That Was Fast!

I went to that job interview yestrday and talked to a pretty nice guy but he had a strange accent and I had trouble understanding him. He asked lots of questions too.

I have a few weak spots, I'm not a licensed electrition for one.

Well, as you can probably tell from your own experiences at interviews, I was a tad nervous.
It is a maintenance position for a company that is world wide.

Apparently I said the right things because I got a phone call from the placement agency lady a little before lunch today telling me that the interview went really well and I am to report for work on Monday!

I let out a huge WHOO HOO!

Then I toldher that it was awesome and thanked her too.
I am currently two and a half hours away from home working under a deadline that this job HAS to be done by Friday. We pulled twelve hours today and made good progress but it is going to be close.

I told the Boss Man about the news and told him I have to be back in Vancouver Friday afternoon to go piss in a cup for this outfit.
I ain't worried about the piss test, it's the getting the fuck out of here in time.

There is more to this story but that kinda lets ya know what is going on.

To say I am stoked to get a full time, long term job ten fucking minutes away from home would be an understatement.

I still have some other things coming down the tube to tell ya about but I am going to string you along for awhile until I get a battle plan hammered out.

I would like to thank everyone for their best wishes for not only my recent wedding but also for this job interview.

It means a lot to me and I want you to know that.
I have had a lot of support from people I have never met yet are people I would like to call my friends.

OK, I just put in a twelve hour shift and I am fucking beat.
I may have to do it again tomorrow but I will be doing it with a slight hangover because I am going to celebrate a wee bit before I fall down and go thud.

Thanks again fer stopping by.


  1. woohoo! *snoopy happy dance* woohoo!!! i'm so forking happy for you dood

  2. Anonymous3:08 AM

    Damn glad to read this. That sounds like a great opportunity! Go get 'em!

  3. Anonymous3:09 AM

    Congrats, Busted!

  4. Hester Prynne5:04 AM

    Wow! The first I've heard of someone getting a job where you're not related to the person doing the hiring, based on experience. I am so happy for you and your wife! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations!! Hope you had a great time celebrating last night (and don't have too much of a headache this morning.)

  6. Sometimes good things happen. Congratulations! Beats the hell out of a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

  7. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Great news Busted! And that electrician license thing? If you were licensed you would be either working for yourself or snug as a bug in some contracting company long ago.
    TJ Creed

  8. Way to go, bro! Big congratulations!!!!

  9. Glad that things are looking up for you, buddy!

    About time some more good luck came your way!

  10. That is good news indeed! Congrats to you my friend! 10 minutes is about the same as my commute.

  11. WOOT! Kick ass! Congrats Busted, I'm happy for ya. I likes them short commutes myself, mine is 10 minutes too. Far better than the hour commute I had before...

  12. Good luck, 'Knucks. A job in this economy ain't no laughin' matter, that's for sure.

  13. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Here is another WHOO HOO for ya !

  14. Wonderful news, Busted!!! Now go out and get yourself some Arrogant Bastard Ale. Mr. B. recemmends it highly. He has an interview for a full time gig on Friday so send him some of your luck, ok?

  15. It's really nice to hear some good news once in a while!