Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Pick One

I ain't going to link to a fucking thaing, It's all swirelling the terlet.

The Dow and the consumers index is trying to find the bottom of a dead mine shaft and the housing market is exactly where it was predicted to be four years ago.

Thank you Timmy and Fuck you Ayn Rand.

Greenspan is a proven idiot and the entire countries Attorney Generals are going to let the Banking thieves off yet again.

I say drag their lying asses out in the street and let's have a burn out contest, winner take all, no fucking lawyers allowed.
We get what is left in our driveways and they get the soaking wet rotten fucking mess they brought.How in the fuck are we supposed to run against quarter million dollar cars when we can barely afford the gas to even start ours?

Run what ya brung.

Every staple I find in my tire takes out two assholes and one secretary.

I may have to fire up The Beast, just for fun.


  1. It's all a race to see what craters first.

    I'm not the only one who thinks Ayn Rand is full of crap?

  2. I dunno, seems to me like a lot of what Ayn Rand wrote about is coming to pass gubb'ment wise, but with more gubb'ment/corporate collusion than she envisioned. I'd split it 50/50 between her and George Orwell.

  3. Definitely allow the Lawyers, as speed bumps.
    Can't get rid of enough of those pricks too.