Sunday, February 08, 2009

Waiting For Tomorrow

If I still have a job after tomorrow, things could be looking up.
My boss is one unpredictable sonofabitch, I know for a fact he is Bi Polar because I am and I recognize it when I see it.
He chewed my ass real good about twenty minutes before quitting time on Friday and I wouldn't put it past him for one second to have stewed about it all weekend and just walk in and tell me I am done first thing in the morning.
If I can make it through the day, I will breathe a little easier.
The good news I alluded too?
I went to go talk to the other neighbor that was supposed to pull the other neighbors trailer that has been telling me he is going to move since September, and I passed him going the other way on the freeway, hauling the guys trailer, finally.
Bonus round, I got a phone call from a guy I know who has a kid in the middle of hard times and wanted to know if I wanted to get rid of the Rat Hole.
You betcha.
a hundred and a half and it's yers.
So, I might not have to fuck around tearing the thing up and paying to haul it to the dump!

Like I said, surviving tomorrow is the key. Wish me luck......


  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Hoss, best of luck tomorrow. I know I rained hard on ya, but, well . . . you know. Don't use company time and equipment for yer own personal use.

    And congrats on a new space to move into, the SELLING of the RatHole . . . . and surviving tomorrow.

    Give 'em hell, Busted . . . . ;-)

  2. fingers and toes crossed for ya busted

    and woohoo, that is double good news!!!

  3. you got skills, my man. Put 'em to good use. if you make it past tomorrow, look for other work.

    (yeah, I know, too fucking easy to say in these times)

    You're hitched to a lucky star right now, it may still be on your side.

    My thoughts are with you, best of luck.

  4. Two out of three ain't bad! Good fortune today!


  5. When asking for luck it's important to specify which type.

    Wishing you only the best kind. Stay off the putes at work.

    Make sure to offer li-bur-al terms on the buck and a half. It's for his kid, times are tough, you were gonna spend your time and money getting rid of it... The karma gained here could be needed down the road...

    You've been overdue for some of the good luck. Make the most of it.

  6. I told the kid I was in no hurry.
    I just want to get into my new one and let life get back to normal.

  7. Hey knuckles...hope the good luck continues for ya. We can all use some, that's for sure...

  8. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Best wishes! Fingers still crossed for you.

  9. My wife had been waiting for weeks on news of a promotion at her job.

    The day that she was supposed to hear about it she called me worried as all heck... That morning they started handing out envelopes with scheduled meetings with the HR dept.. When the first person came back and cleaned out their desk word spread like wildfire of the person tasked with passing out the HR invitations. (I would hate to have been that person)

    It is freakin' tough out there and I worry about anyone that loses their jobs with how bad it is likely to get very soon.

  10. Oh yeah... And buckets of luck yer way!

  11. I'm hoping it all comes together for you.

  12. don't keep us hanging dood - what happened today at work???

  13. I wish you such good fortune and a sweet sleep.