Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Touchy, Feel Good Post

Today, my extended family all showed up for a family get together for one of my Grandmothers 95th birthday celebration.
We had a very nice day and some old family arguments got buried, so I hope.

Damn, there was a lot of folks show up.
A few were missing but by and large, most were here. Oh yeah, the economy was a popular subject.
I was a nice boy because my mom was here and my dad wasn't, so I had to kind of take over as a host.

It was , as usual, a family get together but not at Christmas and for once I wasn't the asshole getting fingers pointed at.

Will miracles never cease?


  1. Happy B'day to Grandma!

    My sister went back to work ranting and fuming after a family get-together and one of her friends, a soft-spoken Southerner, told her, "Honey, it ain't family lest someone's locked themselves in the bathroom cryin' ". Verrry verrry true.

  2. Nice to have the target pinnedf to someone else's back for a change, huh?

    Been there, done that...for sure!

  3. i am glad this family function went off well...... take the miracles one at a time

  4. Do you think any of these family critters will join in prepping with you? Maybe help with a big garden? Throw a few bucks in on some good compost? Which ever way it goes, good luck.


  5. 95 is a big deal! I had to force my family to do something for my grandma's 90th. No one locked themselves in the bathroom cryin', but there was plenty of not speakin' to.......

    I'm glad your family function went well.

  6. Boy, your family sounds like mine. Our get together is the last weekend of April when WA state opens the lakes up to fishing.

    Just recently, the worthless father of my grandniece got custody of her after she's been living (very well and in a loving atmos) with my sister. The little girl just had her 4th birthday away from the only family she's ever known.

    When I go over for fishing season, I may not be coming back. There's a punk ass fuck with my shoe's name all over him.

  7. Damn there goes your reputation. So do we call you the Nice Bastard now?

  8. did your mom bring back the remote?