Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tweety Needs To Quit Gargleing And Spit It Out.

Oh fer Fucks Sakes, Chris, pull the cock out of your mouth and try to find some floss.

Wait,wait, he has some water carrying Republican flailing about as hard as he fucking can who is spinning the new home owner bailout as fast as a cat in a sardine packing plant.
Dan Lundgren,(R) (Stupid Fuck) (Idiotville) CA.
OH! Fucking BONUS!
The Maroon just invoked the Tanned One, Boehner,as the Gate keeper of the Republican party!
I am SO looking forward to a cage match between Rush and Boenher!
Shit, throw in that crazy fucking bitch Backmann, and you are set up for the Grand Wizard of Right Wing Crazy Mother Fuckers, Newt Fucking Gingrich.
We can haz Tag Team Cage Match?

Newt is still trying to sell the same damn snake oil he was back in the nineties, except it's New and Improved Republican Horseshit in a smaller bottle.
Fuck You, asshole.
The Estate Tax argument needs to be buried, in the back of yer throat, for ever and ever, AMEN!

Do you have any clue why we are so lucky that these fucking assholes have been dying off in droves lately?
Oh, let me say right now, after watching this spooge stain, Chris Mathews for the last ten minutes, he would be sucking dinner out of a straw if he kept asking me a question and then interrupting me after three fucking words into my answer,over and over, on National Television.
The guy is a piece of shit to begin with but I would have stood up and bitch slapped him after he did it twice but of course he is many states away while he is pulling this shit and as safe as Karl Rove in front of a Judiciary Committee.
We would see about this Hard Ball shit.


  1. Dan Lungren is as much of an embarassment to the human race as he is to the State Of CA.

    I've loathed him for decades.

    -Larue In Sac

    You shouldn't be WATCHING Tweety, it's bad for yer blood pressure. Instead, dial up Keith and Rachel. It's like dessert, before dinner.

    Got rain? :-)

  2. Matthews has dirt on somebody at NBC. It's the only plausible explanation for his tenured status.

    He must be urged to reconsider his run for the PA Senate seat in hopes that his campaign will be enough of an embarrassment to keep him off the air permanently.

    Tweety IS Ted Baxter personified.

  3. what's that cunt's name, always talking about "tot mom" (won't even call the bitch by her given name, fer crissake...) does the same interrupting thing..

    Can't stan... whuh? Hey, punk Shut The Fu.."!!!

  4. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Posts like this show what a simpering,welfare check cashing,talks about their feelings(are you really a man?),supporter of the latest cause,out of touch, ranting communist leaning bitch you are. How about you get a real job (or two) and move out of that trailer you lurk in. The when your liberal heroes tax the shit out of your paycheck you might get the balls to tell the "man" to eat shit. And maybe, just maybe your would have a blog worth reading..

  5. Oh Goody!
    a Troll!

    Listen up, fuckwit, I work for a living.
    I am a mechanic, in case you were to fucking dense to catch the reference to Busted Knuckles.
    I have been busting my ass fixing so many different pieces of equipment, luxury cars and fucking things you would just stare at, slack jawed wondering what the fuck it is, for so long, you would be amazed.


    Lick my balls.

    LMAO, I'll let ya talk to ALL of my ex girlfriends, all at once.

    Apparently you are a Republican FUCKTARD who hasn't quite got the message that the hive has been recalled to the Hell Mouth nearest you for immediate relocation.
    Fuck you very much and thanks for stopping by.
    Best regards, asshole.