Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama Reportedly Prepared To Step In Front Of Speeding Bus

According to Crooks and Liars, President Obama is set to convene a special Task Force tasked with reforming Social Security.

Get right on that I say. You will be handed yer ass so fucking fast yer head will spin.

I can't fucking believe the guy is that fucking stupid.
Less than one month into a new Presidency, in the midst of handing out Billions of dollars to Bankers and financial fuck ups, you think for one micro second you are going to fuck around with Social Security, you had best just step in front of that speeding bus, your chances of surviving are better.

Someone maybe thinks we aren't paying attention to how in the fuck we are getting by NOW, that maybe folks like me , who have been paying into that mother fucker for thirty fucking years aren't maybe going to get just a wee bit pissed off about that security net being fucked with?
Were you not paying attention when Stupie McFuckwit thought he had enough political stroke to lay waste to that in typical Republican fashion?
Dude, I am STILL pissed off at Raygun for upping the retirement eligibility age to sixty seven.

All I can say is bring that shit on and find out what an ass whipping really is.

By the way, the first dumb bastard that whines about how us Boomers are all whiny, self centered and think we are entitled to unreasonable benefits can spend a week following me around and then take a look at my fucking pay check.I pay, every fucking week I pay.
Thirty years worth.
Bring this subject up with a random little old lady who is about to retire, I Double Dog Dare ya.

Like it or not, I paid for the generation in front of me and I have never really had any problem with that, they busted their asses and paid into it, it is their turn. That is how it is set up.
You want to fuck with that, when the biggest generation in American history has been paying into that for thirty or forty years and are holding out hope it will be there in another ten years, after how many fucking administrations have borrowed money from this vehicle and not paid a fucking dime back, you got a big fucking problem.

Bring it on and get some band aids, motherfucker.


  1. While I am all for the money you paid into it being returned to you for retirement. What I am not cool with is the younger generation(me, funding the retirement of our elders when there will be NOTHING there for us to retire on, we should be able to opt out of social security)

  2. This better be a fucking hoax!!

  3. They just won't quit screwing with us...must be really spoiling for a fight!

  4. Prez Ike started the gop tradition of forkin with soc sec. He borrowed from soc sec to pay for the interstate highway system. Was it ever paid back? ROFLMAO

  5. It's not a hoax, One Fly. Obama's been talking about how broken he thinks Social Security is since the early days of the primaries. It's one of the reasons I couldn't support him. Every other Democratic candidate had more sense than to mess with it.

    As for Kookster's notion that SS won't be there for him - I guarantee you that if you put a retirement fund in the hands of the same people who have fucked up the banking system, you'll have no retirement fund of any sort. Social Security isn't in any trouble - with a few adjustments it will last until long after your bones are dust.

  6. Kookster, had you invested your money in some wonderful Goldman-Sachs fund, you would be faced with working until you're 118.

    Soc. Sec. is the safest investment plan around.

  7. We have over TWO TRILLION DOLLARS on record as being in the Social Security fund. All Americans have paid into it. Unless some politicians have stolen it, we have nothing to worry about. And you don't think politicians would fuck with your pension do you? If they have, well, there is only one remedy. Get the ropes, boys!


  8. Anonymous6:44 AM

    You wanna see marches? You wanna see protest? You wanna see flag burning? You wanna see riots?
    Then fuck with SS.
    You have the option of opting out of SS. Move the fuck out of America.

  9. Anonymous6:45 AM

    You fuckers can whine and cry all you want, you voted this fucker into office and he is going to do what he damn well pleases.

  10. Hey! Maybe the Carebear borrowed Algore's Lock Box!

    Reform doesn't automagically mean rat-fuckery.

    What took down the post-war Nazis was their meticulous record keeping.
    Any grab at SS will demand, finally, a reconciliation of the accounts.

    REAL numbers! Exposing the disinformation that's been created about our SS funds. The jar is more than half full and with proper management will continue to prevent an impoverished nation of seniors.

    To the young I say: You've been lied to your whole life and you know it. Why do you choose to believe THIS lie?

  11. Heh heh, hope he does it. I'm gettin' antsy to get this revolution rolling......

  12. Anonymous- later I have to spank some repug ass that sent me some shit and when I get done they will not be happy.

    Maybe Busted will have a say-I don't know as he like myself are working trying to survive in these times. What needs to be pointed out to you is -

    You goose stepping nazi bastards laid back and got fucked by the repugs who had every sexually transmitted disease known to man and asked for more of the same each time they were done. In lockstep to this day unhappy you can't get more of the same.

    There is not one blogger on the left that I read or am aware of who has condoned in any way improper actions of Democrats at any level unlike people you identify with.

    Pull the cover back over you when you crawl back into the
    septic tank you crawled out of you unprocessed human turd.

    Obama or any other Dims will not get passes from us.

  13. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Anyone who thinks us old folks won't go ballistic if they fuck with our SS had better jerk their heads out of their ass.

    We may not be so good at hand to hand anymore, but we can still can unleash some serious hell on your sorry asses.

    I may blind in one eye, but I my good eye is all I need to line up the recticle …

  14. I stand here-- give all those as busted here their/his due.
    Me? At age 42 I want to be able to OPT OUT OF-- in other words NOT PAY-- S.S. tax, with the understanding that i am to take my % of the paycheck and invest it as I see fit, nary expecting a "retirement" or "Social Security" of Uncle Sam, born On The 4th Of...

  15. Thanks for the heads up there ya grumpy old fuck!

    I am 62, a veteran, and disabled. I get my SS and a tiny union pension. It aint no fucking "bailed-out-banker"s high life, but, since my house and ratty ass old cars are paid for, I manage just barely these days.

    If Obama fucks with this he is going to get a spark up his ass that is going to make his eyeballs boil.

    While it is true that Ronnie Raygun (and other wingnuts) tried to move some of that money around and balance the budget with this big tempting PENSION FUND, they did not get away with it any more than G WTF BUSH did when he tried to talk us into "investing" it in the fucking stockgoddamned market! THE STOCK MARKET??? FUCK YOU!

    There is REAL shit to deal with out there. I honestly thought B-O was smarter than that.

    Just let me know when and where, and keep an eye out at the demonstrations for a fine old 65 Chev truck motorhome - that will be me, and the coffee pot will always be on.


    Oh golly, do I sound angry?

  16. It sounds to me like you are going to be quite busy for awhile, I will take up the slack and you are in my prayers my friend.
    Get well.

  17. *standing on chair clapping*

  18. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Usually don't weigh in on shit, but who out there wasn't aware of the elephant in the room. Correct me if I'm wrong. Long ago there was this large pile of money sitting in the gov. coffers and the gov. of the time said what a neat Idea to borrow some of it for this and that at a low interest rate we will pay it back plus interest and everybody wins yeah. Problem is that the money was never paid back and the interest accrued and continues to do so to this day compounding the issue. That's the whole of the problem and without raising taxes they (the gov.) can't pay it back thus we will be double taxed to correct the problem. Who will take responsibility for this clusterfuck. no one. There dead and we are left to clean up the problem. I for one will listen to the tough choices that will have to be made for this to be corrected. As far as pointing and surmising what the solutions can be let's all try to have some constructive conversation such as taxing richie riches fucking fifteenth car as a luxury or something else that can replace the debt owed to SS.


  19. Anony, you speak of the ray gun guy, I assume? He was NO kind of president, rather a thief in nice guy clothes, just like the rest of the republicans.

    Thanks Busted. I'll be fine...I suppose...