Monday, February 09, 2009

Still Kickin'

OK, I ain't unemployed yet but I am still stressed clear the fuck out.
I tried to lay low today but I was under heavy Surveillance anyway, I see what's going on.
That part is done, what has got me stressed the fuck out is this Three Card Monte fucking move.

Jeeze, the owner of the Mobile Home Park is not a happy camper because the guy that just moved out left a giant fucking mess and out the fuck went.He has no clue what the hell is going on, neither does anyone else at this point.
The owner, let's call him Steve, is not happy, there are apparently six different plans going on at once and he has no fucking clue what any of them are.I did call him and we talked for over a half hour and I hope we are now on the same wavelength.If I am lucky, he is going to let me move my fourteen year old Fifth Wheel in even though the official policy is 95 or newer.
I am going to be fucked if that does not happen.

I can't blame him for being unhappy because I sure as fuck wasn't for a long time.
This is very fucked up now but after I talked to him, I schmoozed my way into the plan I had going, no matter what the fuck else happens, I am going to have to pull a fucking miracle out of my ass on Sunday ,but I think, I hope, I have enough Karma built up that I am going to get two brothers, a daughter and WHOEVER I NEED TO CALL, to get this done.
What comes around, goes around and I think I can make this work.
God willing.
If I can get some decent sleep between now and then, it would go a long way to make this happen. I will be glad when I can stop stressing out about my fucking job but, Holy Moly, in this time slot of this completely fucked up economy , if I can make the short term stuff stick, I will have a good chance. This next week is going to be like a cat having kittens.

I am more than thankful I don't have to load up three very heavy toolboxes and a Semi load of other shit I have collected over the years and try to find a place to store that shit on top of trying to move into another trailer, with a giant clusterfuck all going on at the same time.

I might be an Ornery Bastard but I am just as captive to these stupid fucking cocksuckers in charge of of the economy as anyone else and that sucks balls, Big Balls.

Every time I see these fucking cocksuckers on the television I wonder who is doing their fucking laundry and yard work for them.Fucking cunts, they could give a shit for anyone that works for a living and have proved it time and again.There should be public beatings every Sunday instead of listening to these motherfuckers trash talk shit outta their ass on national television.

Stay tuned, there is shit going on and I haven't had a decent nights sleep in days.
Time to fall down, I slept through lunch today I was so fucking tired.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hey Busted...they say "things will get better!"... whover the Hell "they" are!

    Hang tough...

  2. (((busted))) sleep well babe - you are gonna fucking need it. wish i was able to help ya out this weekend dood.

  3. {{{ busted }}} My life went to hell in a handbasket a couple of months ago, but now things are looking pretty good for a change. So i'm hoping your luck will be improving like mine. Go easy over the rough stuff, we're all pulling for ya.

  4. Don't let the pissants harsh your mellow. Tiptoe through the tulips.
    You have tools and you have skills.
    Knowing which tools to leave in the box and which skills stay up your sleeve will help minimize the scary shit.

    When the smoke clears you'll still have the keys to the store.

    I too, wish I could lend two hands and my arsenal of skills, but will be pulling from here for you to emerge intact.

  5. Still having a job good newz, Keep ur head and ass down and he'll find another target soon.Glad to hear of week-end move.Got good help lined up which will help.Get some sleep and pet the cats to find some soothing moments.

  6. I guess I'm an optimist I assume everything will go to hell and plan accordingly.

    As they say when it rains it pours. Who the hell are "they" anyway?

  7. Hey, you kept your job - Now to make that fuckin' boss regret he ever transgressed against you.


  8. Hope it all works out... You ain't alone in the sleep deprivation department either....