Thursday, February 05, 2009

Open Your Eyes

I want everyone to go over to my pal Monkeyfister and read what he has to say and really think about it.

Things are bad and are going to get much, much worse at the rate we are going and you need to be able to start looking out for yourself and your family.



  1. Got a post up about this too. We gotta keep it up and, like I said at MF's site, keep the light lit for getting the message out there.

    Been a big fan of Monkeyfister since the early days of the Bush years. We got the goods here and put it out for folks to read and heed.

    As for the bug...shit, knocked my dick in the dirt big time. I call in sick once, twice a year. I was cool yesterday, went to work and fell into a deep sinus shitstorm. My manager kept me away from customers which was cool by me. I had lots of shit to do without dealing with stick-up-the-ass yuppies wanting their resumes printed just fucking so.

    I'll be shiny tomorrow.

  2. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Busted, love you and all the Prep People. it's common sense, and such. But yer all wound too tight. Here's what I left at MF's place after telling him you told me to stop by. Let's look for some sunshine in all this shit, ok?

    I mean, it's what, 17 days into Fuckin Obama's Admin? Hell he ain't even up to full speed cabinet wise. Go back and review any OTHER admins in history. 17 DAYS?!?!?!? It's SO not a clusterfuck yet.

    Here's My Rant:


    1) Obama spoke to the Dem HOUSE Caucas this evening. It was videotaped, it was open to media, the vids all over youtube.

    He PRAISED the House (rightously so) for its STELLAR work in passing the Stim Bill, and lavished efusive praise upon Pelosi, deservedly so, for GETTING IT DONE STAT BITCHEZ!

    So suck on THAT Rahm, ya shit disturber.

    2) Obama had a KILLER OP-ED in the WAPO that reamed the GOP. IT. WAS. LOVELY!

    3) Sec Def Bobby Gates got shy and announced he'd delay WHEN more troops would head to Afghan, until Obama had finished eval's of a plan Obama had ASKED for, and the Pentagon Gen's had stalled on. Suck on THAT Bobby.

    Wonder who ELSE had a coming to geebuz chat with Obama about that 4-Star General Insurrection that Keane, Cheney, Ordierno, Gates and Petraeus were trying to implement to discredit Obama (treason?).

    So, basically, some HUGE issues were resolved, Obama found his LOUD voice, and he's gonna speak to we the people on Monday at a press conference.

    Are things gonna be shitty? Yeah. Will it all fall apart with marauding hordes running amok in the urban and sub urban raping, looting, killing and taking all they can find?

    I don't THINK so homey.

    Hell, losing the air base in KyrgStan (Mansa) and having that bridge blown in Pakistan near the Khyber Pass means we can't supply Afghanistan. Which means, we can't add more troops. Which means, MAYBE we will stop fighting the fucking Taliban and focus on small black ops against the REAL Al Queda.

    And just imagine what ending Iraq AND Afghanistan will do to our expenses!!! *G*

    Be careful, watch yer sheckels, prepare. Common sense for ANY times in our lives, always has been,

    I'm WAY down with that. But it ain't the end times, yet, hoss. *G*

    I'll let ya know when it's REALLY coming, believe you me, if it does. Hell, you'll prolly see the flash just before yer eyeballs melt. N then, it won't matter how well you've prepped at all. *G*

    -Yer Pal, Larue

  3. I gotta agree with you, Larue. Shit is hitting the fan, but we're nowhere near extinction event territory. I've done the math, looked at my options, and decided that trying to keep civilization up and going is a far better choice than hiding in a bunker somewhere. Cowards hide. Men fight for what they believe in, and what I believe in is that civilization is far preferable to the alternative. 'Nuff said.

    - Badtux the Ornery Penguin

  4. Well tell me something I already didn't know. The Monk and I saw this coming almost two years ago and BBC has been predicting it for five years. All I can say is I hope I prepared enought. And a hat tip to the boys over at Blah3 for showing when this all began to fall apart.
    About half the people in my neighborhood are out of work now and we were the last to get hit.