Thursday, February 10, 2011

Watching A Government Being Toppled

Typical American Idiot I am, I kinda have  a short attention span, what can I say?

Earlier, I waited for good old boy Mubarak's speech, figuring he would finally see the hand writing on the wall and step down.
Needless to say, me, the CIA and the President , along with a few million Egyptians got a rude surprise.

The rumors are flying, I watched him and his asshole , former torture in chief for the US in the region and the current VP, something Soleimin, talk down their noses at the rabble rousers who have been demonstrating since January 25th and who have been striking en mass and shutting down their economy and he told them to STFU and go home and get their peon asses back to work got met with a resounding FUCK YOU.

If you ever wanted to see what SHTF is, keep an eye out to what is happening over there.

So far, the military has done a good job of staying on the sidelines and not opening up with tanks and machine guns, which BTW, are ours.

The last I saw, the crowds were throwing shoes at his images on the big screens, the ultimate insult and marching towards the National Television headquarters and the Presidential Palace.

Of course, Mubarak ain't that stupid, he is no where near that sonofabitch and neither is his (our) number two guy.

The real shit hitting the fan is going to be tomorrow.

That is when a whole buttload of pissed off Egyptians who have been straddling the fence decide they have had enough.
The key question is , and always will be, is what is the military going to do in response?

I saw the size of the crowds that were there already, I can reasonably expect that to surge by at least a third, as the people can get there.

One reporter from CNN who was there started interviewing some of the people near him and asked them what they thought of the speech and a couple of quotes struck me as quite the views of a people who are desiring a Democracy like we used to have before we became so complacent, fat, stupid and lazy.

“Death or freedom, we will have freedom”.
One protesters comment when asked his opinion.
“We just want him to leave in peace, no more blood shed”.

Pay attention to the next one, it just, might, sound a little familiar to someone over thirty years old.

” Give me liberty or give me death”.

That's right, that was one random Egyptian in the crowds reaction.

 Where have I heard that before?


  1. There's a whole lot of hurt getting ready to happen. It could easily find its way here in no time at all. Prep hard and fast folks. "They " will not stop until we are ALL under Sharia Law AND they will do it with the weapons we supplied them with. Time is running out.
    Hey... I'm Just Sayin'...

  2. Here it's Give me SUV so's I can give others death ! I have a right to my Blackberry while driving. Oil will never run out. What ? There's poor people out there, they should just get a job the lazy bastards !


    It should get very interesting soon...

  3. Dumb shits on MSNBC are just giddy with joy that the people in Egypt are revolting. How giddy with joy will they be when the fundamentalists take control and it becomes another Iran ? Then spreads to Saudi. Instant no more oil for their SUV's. Idiots think it will be a democracy just like ours. NOT !

  4. Wow, Busted, you've become blog central for the Islamaphobes!

    'Spose you folks are scared of all brown, black and yellow people too . . . sad.

  5. Ol' Hose is a little slow getting the message, ain't he?

  6. It isn't the fall that kills ya,it's the sudden stop at the bottom.

  7. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Awesome comment Larue. Typical leftist tactic of crying "YOUR RACIST!!!" when you cant use logic to actually debate. If a hard core islamic fundamentalist group takes over Egypt, you better pray they dont decide to shut down the Suez Canal or everything is going to get very very expensive. "Around 8% of global sea-borne trade passes through the canal." "Around 2.4m barrels of oil are shipped through the canal each day while the SuMed pipeline carries 2.5m a day. That's around 5.5% of world output, according to the latest official forecasts." Source: Consider that when anti-american islamic jihadists take over Egypt


  8. Anonymous12:59 PM

    tom and others who think this had anything to do with religion please pull your head out. This has all to do with the current state of the world economy and the working poor getting gang fucked by those that would profit off there backs. The fact that most terrorists are sunni and not shia should tell you that no matter what religion your talking about its about the rich and the poor getting pissed at each other then us on the sidelines seeing a revolution. Unlike 1979 this is more economic than ideological. As far as freedom of the seas. there is not a country on earth that will prevent commerce on the ocean due in part to our navy. Feel free to travel the world, then come back and tell me what you believe. I have. So shut the fuck up.


  9. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Well, Egyptians did something pretty drastic back in ages. Remember these hairy nose fucktards running out of mad Egyptians about few thousands years ago and pray to their fucking god to stop the chase? Guess what, what do those fuckos did in Egypt back then? Interested in to know? Read fucking on, its been out there for years, u lazy asses.