Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Kind Of Hard To Vote When You Are Dead

Dude, take my advice and quit listening to Cheney's fucking energy task force, those rotten sonsabitches at BP and anyone else who is trying to talk you into cutting off emergency funding for heating supplements.

The timing on this is so fucking tone deaf it boggles my fucking mind.

Not only has there been record cold, snow storms and freezing in the North, Texas, The Midwest and every where else, there is more coming!

You have got to be fucking kidding me!

For once, I am almost without words.

Do this at your own peril. When people start freezing to death in sizeable numbers, it is coming home to roost on your doorstep, fucking idiot.

One term President would be the best fucking thing to happen to you.



  1. So, yer all bettah now? Kewl.

    From Suz, LN Queen, and me, here's something to fuck yer head up with.


  2. Ah what the fuck, it was Zhazz Night on LLN w/ Suz tonite.

    She opened, I countered with this.

    Real music.


  3. Ewe shoulda been 'dere, hoss . . .


  4. How bout making the fucking military wash their own goddamn dishes to save money.
    Or how bout Mr. Obama take fewer vacations !
    How bout an extra tax for yuppies and their damn SUV gas hogs.
    How about making fat ass police get out of their patrol cars and walk a beat.
    How about common sense...

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  6. Anonymous5:28 AM

    My wife is convinced the high gas prices that were forecast months ago (whaddaya know - they were right!) are just the oil company's way to taking back what they had to spend to clean up the Gulf last year. Can't say I'm disagreeing with that too much.

    Fuck You very much BP!