Friday, February 04, 2011

Busy Day

Been running around all damn day, put a couple hundred miles on the GF's car today.
An hour and a half one way, a half hour over here, stop, run around some more, an hour and a half back, watch some television and get back in the fucking car again and run around some more.


Got a couple movies, some tacos and a bottle, a few beers and it will be lights out. I will be nice and not say anything about one of the side trips, I will say, someone is going to sleep with a smile on their face tonight.

Maybe something to say tomorrow, as of now, good night.

\Oh yeah, I almost forgot, this weekend is Blog roll Amnesty Day. Go see Skippy, I will put up a post and more links tomorrow.


  1. So, yer still langin at NG's?

    Not that I should care . . .

    Ya see Monkey Fister? One post.

    Feed the damned cat, and . . . and, and, uh, fuck, if yer gonna be gone all the time give the damned cat to NG.

    Win/Win, n the damned kat has a good life.

    Me fucking eow dudde!

  2. I remember the BAD from last year and thought it would be fun. Of course by the time I read about it here it was over with! Thanks. Oh and it hardly ever happens but I'm gonna agree with Larue about the cat. Hell, you spend more time there than you do at the Weasel Den.
    Hey... I'm Just Sayin' ...