Monday, February 07, 2011


One thing that really sucks about living on the Left Coast is that a lot of shit in the business world has already happened while I am still dreaming of nubiles with large breasts.
That and Presidential elections that get called before our fucking polls are even closed. That one pisses me off.

So, to my utter amazement, I see my friend Jill reporting this morning that AOL has purchased The Huffington Post empire for three hundred and some fucking million dollars and put Arianna herself in charge of a bunch of shit.

I really like Jill's take on this, go read some Brilliant At Breakfast for her take.

As for me, I read Huffpo every day, looking for the latest news on what is going on. My bitch with them is they don't update the fucker often enough.

As for AOL, I can't believe they are still in business.

Way back in the day, when I finally got a computer that could connect to the internet, it was through AOL.

I had so many fucking dealings with their idiots in tech support, I finally got pissed off and wrote their phone number in permanent ink across the top of my monitor.True story.


  1. Better read HuffPo quick! Doesn't sound like it's long for the world. Heh.

  2. Here's my stupid little take on it.
    As the story goes,AOL has been busy making a studio in NY. A studio I say, hmm. along with offices I hear.
    Now what if a New channel emerges. Let's say the Huffpost channel that goes directly against Fox. It could be profitable for Miss Huff and Aol.
    Ya never know old KO might be in the market for a new gig. I'm just saying.

    btw thanks for sending me over to Mock paper and scissors. They were very kind to me. Melissa helped me out with the red part. I can't see print on it.

  3. Ya mean Assholes On Line?? Hated the fuck out of them... Went DSL as soon as it was available...

  4. Sigh.

    I'm a long time AOLer...have had my e-mail with 'em since dirt. I get teased endlessly about it...but...oh, the shame...I love my AOL.

    There, I said it.

    Go on, laugh at's ok...

    Meanwhile, I'm not surprised they've bought something else. It's what AOL does. What I'm wondering is, did they pay in real dollars or theoretical ones? 'Cause AOl isn't worth what they say they are - their numbers aren't based on actual income, but rather on how many membership CDs are floating around out there (or so I'm told by an awfully reliable source). I wish I could "estimate" my value like that...

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  5. Olbermann is surfacing over at CURRENT TV. He will have his mo-betta show PLUS be news MANAGER or some such.

    SPEAKIN' of AOL...back in the days of bits of extry monies around the house (coupla years back if I remember right), I bought some fucking AOL TIME WARNER stock. BUM ADVICE AND 2 GRAND DOWN THE SHITTER.

    Looks like a few sunny days coming. Enjoy!