Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Off To Do Laundry

I would like to thank everyone who stopped by to wish me a happy birthday, that was nice of ya.

I had a fairly relaxed birthday, a bunch of company showed up out of the blue and my girl friends friend made hamburgers and such for every one, that was damn nice of her.

I am in full recuperation mode and am getting ready to head out with the honey and go do laundry and grocery shopping.

In the mean time, the shit is still hitting the fan in Egypt and even the King of Jordan has seen the writing on the wall and replaced his government in response to growing unrest over food prices.

Note that last bit, food prices, you are going to see more and more unrest over food prices.
That is because those same jerks who contributed to our current financial meltdown have decided to treat food the same way they do car sales.

Betting on this and that, buying futures up like candy and driving the final price of food up. Look around ya, the price of cotton is up over ninety fucking percent, one guy, ONE, bought up almost all of the cocoa futures. Bet money, little Ms.Swiss Miss, is going to have a sore ass here in the future.

Pay attention folks, things aren't just going to be ugly in the Middle east, here shortly, the mid west is going to chiming in  too.

I keep arguing trying to persuade my girl friend into getting some grub put away for a little buffer but she is a hard headed Norse women and says she has to go into town several times a week any way and has no place for storage.

I got your hard headed and raise ya by an Irishman......


  1. We keep enough food on hand to last about a month in case the snow shovelers don't show up (heh). We ran out of storage space a long time ago, keep a lotta food on one of those roll-around carts we would normally put parts and tools on. It was put into service brand new, no grease or oil on it, sits right in the kitchen, kind of a bright red island.

    We also have a camping stove and coffee pot in case the power is out, firewood for the same reason.

    The Boy Scouts are right: Be Prepared.

  2. Re: doing laundry.

    Please remember and be kind to your fellow man. By custom, the greasy-ass shop rags always go in the last machine on the left.

  3. Add to this a real unemployment of 15-17%, up to 28% in some population groups according to what I just heard on NPR's Marketplace, pressure on oil prices caused by continuing Middle East unrest (and an unwillingness of Americans to admit that someday oil will no longer be just gushing out of any old spot Jed Clampett happens to shoot), and the ongoing precedent that some entities like big banks are above the law.

    Yeah, something's got to give. The Tunisians rose up over far less.

  4. When the income/equality disparity becomes so great the masses have no hope, it all becomes unsustainable.

    It's NOT getting better in USA.

    N our present system is completely owned and operated by corporate fascist elites.

    Either the masses go all Jasmine on it, or it collapses of its own volitions. N that's wht happens to all empires.

    History shows it.

  5. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Fucking Yuppie Scum...says it all don't it ?


  6. Happy BD boy!

    And, really, do get some canned goods, etc., into storage.

    Love ya,


  7. What if there is no food or not what you want in town? What if the price is sky high? What if gas is so high that going into town is costly?