Friday, February 25, 2011

Good Eats.

OK, I had to beg to get the ingredients for the sauce for this, but this is off the charts awesome good fucking grub!

We were watching The Food Channel a couple of weeks ago and some guy was telling how you can get two great steaks out of what they call a Seven Bone Roast and still have plenty left over to make a great soup.

True, I have cooked Seven Bone Roasts before and they have GREAT flavor.

Nasty made a stew one night, I made a vegetable beef soup the next , we mixed the two leftovers the next night and it was what she called, Sex Food, Orgasmic.

Now for the next level.

Get ya one of those Seven Bone Roasts, for as much meat and flavor that is in one of those, they are cheap.

Cut it in two unless you are trying to feed an entire clan.

Now, get ya a Nasty Girl and proceed to follow her directions.

Here it is, Introducing my Girlfriend in her very own first post;
Nasty Girl.

Take my word for it, I had to coersce her to give this up but it is sooooo, worth it.

Hey, it's me Nasty, Busted's better half. There really is no secret to this. It's just the seven bone roast rubbed with onion soup mix and put in the fridge to marinate and soak up all that lovely onion flavor. Then you just mix together a can or two of cream soup, whatever kind pumps your nads (I used cream of chicken) with a couple of packets of gravy mix any flavor (I used brown). Brown the roast in bacon grease a couple of minutes each side and put in a slow cooker along with the gravy and let it hang out in the fridge overnight. Slow cook the next day about four hour or until it is falling off the bone and Voila! You have tender, juicy, succulent meat with orgasmic flavor that you can serve however you want. Mashed potatoes as a side with a vegetable, or on a hoagie roll over a brat dipped in that awesome gravy. Yum! I'll let Busted finish the rest of this post. I need to go tend to my roast. Last night we had mashed potatoes and veggie. Tonight we are having it on a hoagie with some cottage cheese on the side. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Me again. Let me tell ya,there wasn't a fucking thing left.
We had a couple of neighbor kids and their mom over and it was scarfed clean.

You can use this roast a lot of different ways but it is awesome however ya do it as long as ya prep it right first.

Thank you sweetie, and that is our Boy Scout moment of the week.



  1. You can also take the same roast, same onion soup mix, brown it, put it in the crockpot and pour a bottle of decent beer (we like Sam Adams Boston Lager) over it and let 'er rip. You have to thicken the gravy, but it's brisket like Grandma used to make. Only better, because Grandma couldn't cook worth a damn.

  2. I normally don't suscribe to food porn.

    But this one was grand.

    I don't have much to add . . . maybe some german stone ground mustard.

    Nice work NGal!


    I do more from scratch, but yer packets are good . . . n the bottom line is how does it all taste . . .

    Let's Eat!!!!


  3. I'd serve it over homemade flat noodles!!! Drooling here just thinking of it.

  4. Sounds great! I loves me some food porn! This one was better than a Red Lobster commercial!

  5. i've never heard of a 7 bone roast before... is it a special cut ya have to ask the butcher for? i don't think i've ever seen one with that label in the meat section.

  6. No honey, it is actually considered to be a rather cheap cut but you don't see them all the time. Any decent butcher could whip ya one out though. The one I bought was about nine bucks, pretty damn good sized too. The next cheapest roast I could find was over fifteen.

  7. thanks babe -- smooches to you and ng for the tip and recipe

  8. I'd never heard of this cut either, but I checked Teh Google and it seems that around these here parts in Outer Whitelandia, NJ, it's called a "chuck roast." I'm off to get one this morning, along with a nice chicken for soup.

    And hey, time you get a cold, pop a nice plump chicken in a big soup pot with an onion cut in half lengthwise, a couple of stalks of celery, a couple of carrots, and a bouillon cube or two...fill with water to 6-8 quarts, bring to a boil and then simmer till the chicken screams for mercy. Take out the chicken and vegetables, cut off the meat and put it back in. Slice up some fresh carrot and celery and pop it back in. Cook till the carrots are just starting to get tender, then add a bag of these little fuckers and cook till they're done. Some good garlic bread and you'll die from an excess of good health.

  9. Dayam, Jill, that's a keeper too!

  10. I set up the meat this morning, added some mushrooms too. I will let you know how it is, if the sodium in the gravy doesn't kill me.

  11. Ha! You will need to add some water as needed, she says about two and a half cups.
    I was drooling about your chicken concoction and just happened to buy a pre cooked chicken that I picked apart yesterday, I guess we will be trading recipes!
    I will get to that tomorrow, tonight is spaghetti.


  12. Chili, no beans, over spaghetti and topped with melted cheese is one of our favorites.

  13. Busted, you need a raw chicken to make soup, to pull out all that chicken-y goodness.

    I used 2 cans of cream of mushroom and 1 can water. So we will see.

  14. OK, folks, I'm back. And thank you, Nasty Girl, for the first recipe I've made in ages that Mr. Brilliant was truly enthused about. You're right, the gravy this makes is amazing. And if you let the meat marinate in the onion rub overnight, it's fantastic (I think that's more important than letting it sit in the gravy).

    I think next time I'd make this with brisket, because the 7-bone has an awful lot of fat that has to be skimmed off the top. But hoo-boy, this is some tasty stuff. If you were waiting for a second opinion before making this, wait no more.

  15. Awe honey, she is busy sawing logs right now, it is the middle of the night right now but I will show her this tomorrow.

    Thank you so much.