Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Is the Deal

Yadda Yadda Yadda, Torture.

Shut your fucking mouth, it is absolutely illegal, immoral and a hideous fucking thing to even have to contemplate that our government did this horrendous shit.

Line 'em up and prosecute 'em.

Shut the HELL up and do it.

You fucking cocksuckers that kept yellin' that I was a traitor during the Bush Administration?

Save me the trouble and go run head first into a brick wall, twice.


  1. can't even say "ouch!"...

  2. don't hold back busted - tell us how ya really feel about the yellow bellied low life sadistic father fucking cowards

  3. I hear ya Busted. Been arguing with idiots about it for a while now too.

    But Pelosi kneeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww!

    So the fuck what? Line her up too. If you can make the case that her "knowledge" was criminal, lock her ass up with the rest. That's what justice is SUPPOSED to be about.

    The motor boat begins. butbutbutbutbutbutbut...

    But nothin' chump...

    Now that the John Wayne, Jack Bauer, Maxwell Smart, Chimpy McStagger Combo meal of clusterfuckery and national security has mercifully passed into the OVER stage.

    No more mulligans. No get out of jail free cards issued. Chips is chips and they'll fall where they may.

    To make the jury pool more suitable to the character of the defendants, pay the homeless to serve. Teach `em a little bit of "There but for the grace..."

  4. I still got first dibs pulling the trip roap on these sonsofbitches.

  5. This "torture" bullshit is just another distraction to throw folks off the trail of what's REALLY goin' on....... Small 'taters in comparison to the cornholin' that which we are about to receive.....

  6. Hm! You ARE ornery, ain't ya?!


    I like it!