Monday, April 20, 2009

So, How Is That FISA Thing Working For Ya?

Naw, our government doesn't have the capability to spy on you, what?
yer just fucking paranoid.
Trust the government, if you are a fucking idiot.

If this does not tell you just how far the surveillance goes in this country, you just might want to start running Red Lights for entertainment.

Think about what you just read, two FBI Agents had access to surveillance cameras, in a fucking dressing room, in a little fucking shop, in a mall, in Bum Fuck Egypt.

Now you just might get a clue of why Myself and several hundred thousand other people have been up in arms about the illegal wiretapping and just how far these motherfuckers can go to intrude into our lives.
A dressing room in a fucking mall?

I need new drapes.

Of course, I already know these fuckers have evidence of what a degenerate mother fucker I am, they have been watching my sick little ass for quite a while.

I gotta say though, this surveillance shit goes way the fuck beyond my wildest tin foil nightmares.

No wonder no one in the government wants this stopped, can you begin to imagine what these people talk about over coffee in the morning?

Bonus Round, they have been charged with misdemeanors, no Donkeys were involved crossing over State lines.

H/T Those other sick fuckers at Fark, ya gotta love 'em.


  1. i hope the sick fuckers are cashiered outta the fbt and are forced to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. (spitting)

    they perverted an act of kindness into a nightmare - tarnishing memories these girls had of good into something that makes the skin crawl.

  2. Jailed naked in a Times Square fishbowl.

    Sub-human? Only if you credit them with membership.

    It will be rationalized as two who abused "the system". But the very existence of such a system guaranties
    its abuse. It is an abuse in itself.

  3. The only reason thease fucks were charged with misdemeanors was because the are Federal Agents.

    Busted, if this was you or I doing this we would be charged with a felony charge of child porn.

  4. The "thought police" are gearin' up.... Saw where the FBI sent people out to the tea parties, to spy on us "right wing extremist domestic terrorists"..... Yo "Big Bro"... FUCK YOU!!!!! Thank you, and have a nice day.....

  5. There's a lot to worry about you right wing, heavily armed, extre mist domestic terrorists if you were at or supporting the tea bagging.

    Let's not blur that line 'tween progressives who want to change things for the better for EVERYONE, and the right wing nuts who want to change it all for THEM SELVES.

    Cuz that shit, involves race, religon, and more.

    And it don't often come down on the side for the masses, only the few rightwing white whiners.

    So, Mayberry, where do you come down on the side of those not white? Are they in yer scope, along with the Jews, DFH's, and liberals and progressives?

  6. Larue, I don't generally do this on other people's blogs, but my initial reaction was "Fuck you asshole".... But I'll answer you... First off, "right wing nuts" do want things better for everyone. MUCH smaller, unobtrusive government, and Freedom for EVERYONE. Not just for the few. But if your idea of "better" is a fucking commie "utopia", then I guess you're right, we just want things better for ourselves....

    Now I will say "fuck you", because I don't give a flyin' fuck if you're black, brown, orange, or purple. I could give a shit if you're Jewish, Muslim, or a Hare fuckin' Krishna. Liberal/"progressive"? There again, I could give two shits, so long as you leave me the fuck alone, and stay out of MY wallet. I and I alone will determine who, or which organization receives my charity (which I can't afford to give because I'm fuckin' TAXED to death). It ain't's place wo wipe the world's asses for them with my goddamn money. YOU be the one "blurrin' the lines" dude.

    Sorry Busted, but this dude needed to be bitch slapped with some reality......

  7. Mayberry, your personal choices are of no concern to me. I'm not out to change them or obstruct them.

    But the right wing I refer to, they want things THEIR way, and that don't include gays, blacks, browns or yellows or Native Americans.

    Or women, for that matter.

    They don't WANT to live in a society that has those things that might be as equal under the law as they seem themselves to be.

    I don't have to produce the evidence as I'm sure you've read it all . . . . these are NOT people who want to be left alone, to their own desires, they need and intend to impose their desires upon others, be it thru their own efforts or the efforts of misleading religious leaders or org leaders such as those who run Aryan Nation, KKK, etc.

    If yer one of the few isolationists who don't wanna pay taxes for water, sewage, roads, dams, airports, railroads, education, social security, etc., and you truly don't want to impose your choices upon others, my hat to ya.

    But you can't live amongst the rest who do, if ya don't wanna play by the rules as set forth.

    Cuz then you don't pull yer load as the country has been been set to, accordingly, by our founding documents.

    Sorry if I cheesed ya off . . . I'd had a few and was reading about right wing groups whose hatred and mean is getting airplay and publicity by the likes of Hannity, Beck, Limgaugh, etc.

    Wanna go off grid and live on yer own? I got NO problem with that. Just don't come to town shopping for that you can't live without and talking crap about town life . . . . that don't cut it. That's my point.

    And BTW, you haven't bitch slapped anyone.

    And that phrase in itself is a revolting white male ignorant concept, that bitches need slapping.

    They're not bitches, they are women, as we are men.

    And slapping anyone only makes them want to take it out on the dog, who takes it out on the cat, etc. It's how family abuse is passed on generation by generation. I thinks that's something that's been a topic in here a few times.

    Glad we had this chat, I'll try to move on from here.


    That pretty much sums me up.

  9. Thanks for leavin' the link Larue.

    And you're right that does pretty much sum it up.