Friday, April 10, 2009

Never Underestimate The Power Of People Thinking About You

I have been kind of out of sorts for the last couple of days, no posts.

I had one of those lovely little visits from some tiny little varmint that you can't see, smell or hear that causes one to wake up in the middle of the night with your asshole clenched as tight as the knees on a second chance virgin at an after hour party on Prom night.

Something about trying to describe ones self pissing out of their ass for twelve hours straight leaves something to be desired, so I just shut off the computer for posting.
I think you can understand.

Other than that, life goes on.
There must be another disturbance in the force going on too.
I just spent two hours on a Friday night doing dishes.
That ain't normal for me.
It's all good though.
A younger man I used to work with and has been through the wringer has just bought the used trailer from the neighbors who paid ten grand for the one with the garage in the back. It is not real big but he is glad to have his own place.He is going to be my brand new neighbor, that is way cool.
I am glad he got it and I am going to go through this place and try to hook him up with the extra cook ware and dishes and assorted extras I have.

Win, win.

My oldest friend is in the middle of getting foreclosed on, he needs some serious help.
Ya don't have to be religious for a bit of positive thought to do it's thing.

I pretty much believe that.

Anyway, sorry I was so absent, I just figured I would spare you the details of what was happening with my alimentary canal.

Bonus round, I get to look forward to a phone call at eight thirty tomorrow and get up, go load a broke down fucked up old Ford truck on a trailer, drag it twenty miles and dismantle the fucking thing in one day, all the way to the frame.


I can use some of the parts for The Beast.


  1. Welcome back, hoss . . . take it easy a day or so as ya can, but hey, parts is parts.

    Good on ya for helping yer new neighbor.

    It goes around, it comes around.

    When it's not making a firehose outta yer waste system kharma is always kewl.

    Be well . . . and way to look out for the kid.

  2. "I just figured I would spare you the details of what was happening with my alimentary canal"

    That ship already sailed with "Something about trying to describe ones self pissing out of their ass for twelve hours straight leaves something to be desired", Ha ha! But hey, glad your friend is movin' in, always good to know your new neighbors beforehand. As to your oldest friend, I can't help much there as i'm fixin' to be in the same boat, but I wish him the best of luck in staving off the wolves.....

  3. A little bit of light in these dark days. The kid could do worse than to have you as a mentor my friend.

  4. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I have been thinking about you in your absence . . . and all positive too.
    I've noticed during the year or so I've read your posts that you are regularly involved in helping others. It cheers me each time I read about it and I'd like you to know I admire heck out of you for doing it.
    Continued best wishes!

  5. You are an amazing guy, Busted. Even in your worst hour of need on your sickbed, you're still thinking about others who have it worse and how you can help them.

    Good man. May you heal quickly and continue to spread your personal sunshine to your friends and loved ones (as well as to those soaking up your rays in blogtopia).


  6. Thank you for making my day ,seriously.

    What comes around goes around and I might be an Ornery Bastard but I would not even be here if not for other people going well out of their way to take care of my skinny behind for years and years.
    It is my turn to do what I can and I do it gladly.

  7. Oh man. That is just the worst thing. I'm glad you're up and about now. And I hate to tell you, but your description of being sick made me laugh. Illness humor is a gift.

  8. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Crush up some wood charcoal (non treated wood only) and mix in glass of distilled water. Looks gross as hell, but no taste. Helps clean you out.

    First sign of 'black water', I take Lomotil and hope it kills the varmit before it gets me good.

    Hope you feel better, and hope parts are found for The Beast.

  9. eat rice...... and i hope you are feeling better