Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Day In The Life, RV Style

Things are getting ugly here in the White Trash Trailer Park.

No beer, no smokes, some with little food and folks are rolling up cigarette butts.

Even the lady across the street was seriously interested in the garden.
I Googled the frost date around here and it is now a fifty-fifty chance of anything you put out freezing.

I hate waiting because I see my Strawberries flowering but my onions are just kind of hanging in there, the Taters are trying to do something.

I decided to get my head out of my ass and see if my 12 volt water pump works.
This thing must have a fairly good sized fresh water tank because I stood there for a long time with a hose.
I opened up the drain and started flushing it out and then poured a bunch of Bleach in it and shut the drain off and still stood there with my thumb in my ass.
The geniuses who designed the inlet made it big enough to stick a hose all the way in without a nozzle.

I finally got sprayed when it was full and opened the drain back up.
The 12 volt water pump works just fine, lucky me, I have an extra one.
If you live full time in an RV, get ya another one as soon as possible.

Packing water of an unknown quality to dump in your fresh water tank is not something I want to gamble on, I would give you three to five odds that something bad would happen.

One of the neighbors yelled through the door that I had water running all over the place.
Nice guy to be looking out for my ass.
I yelled back that it was on purpose.
Now that I have killed any single celled varmints in the fresh water system, I can refill the tank for good measure.

I flushed everything with the Bleach water, even the toilet.

On to the next subject,

Hot water is a very nice thing.
Something I am going to look into is getting a very large propane tank and hooking it up.

I see this place is as expensive as a Box Car to keep heated and cooled, just about Ninety Bucks a month for the Zap Juice and I don't know how much yet for Propane, going on sixty Dinero's.

That is WAY too much.
Something to work on, cutting my energy expenses.
One thing at a time.

I can't wait for it to get hot around here, this thing is going to turn into a giant oven when it does.

I actually did the dishes again tonight, I am going to find a rectal thermometer, something ain't right, I must be sick again.

Of course, I still have a weeks worth of laundry fermenting.

I must not be too well yet.

Thanks fer stopping by.

Oh, and the Swine Flu and the Politics?
Ummm, I seem to have other things more immediate to deal with.


  1. why don't you get yourself a thermometer you stick in your ear?

    i hope you feel better soon.

  2. Ya kinda remind me of myself in my teens with all yer challenges, and well, these guys:

    Headbangin, ya know? *G*

    Kick ass, hoss, it's you or them. Or the cats. (/snicker)

  3. I love your independence :)

  4. I'd give my left nut for a 90 dollar juice bill! Mine runs $200-$300.... Kids, washer/dryer runnin' near constantly, "shut the damn door!!!" "Who's in your room? NOBODY?! Then why's the light on??!!!" Kids, gotta love 'em..... It's illegal to shoot 'em....