Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Insane Foreign Policy

Libya, I am sure have heard, is getting a pounding by us, France and some NATO forces.
Has anyone heard anything about Iraq lately? Afghanistan?


What about that little dust up between the Koreas that we have our nose in?
That would be no, again.
here are some numbers of what this little fiasco we got in the middle of, courtesy of the LA Times.

Sunday's attacks were carried out by 15 U.S. aircraft, including Marine Harrier jets deployed from an assault ship in the Mediterranean and three Air Force B-2 stealth bombers that flew the 25-hour journey from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri to drop 45 bombs, each weighing 2,000 pounds.

Snip, my bold.
Anyone have any idea what that action alone cost?

Meanwhile, the operation's costs are mounting. Senior Defense officials would not comment on how much the operation has cost so far, saying they were focused on carrying out the mission at hand.

But an independent report released this month by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments estimated that the no-fly zone would cost at least $400 million to set up, and up to $100 million per week to enforce. Each Tomahawk missile costs more than $500,000, bringing the total price for Saturday night's initial volley to at least $55 million.

Also my bold.
"That's what happens when everybody is cutting their defense: We are going to have to provide the majority of the resources," said Lawrence Korb, former assistant secretary for logistics under Reagan, who once called Kadafi "the mad dog of the Middle East."

As for that last part, my question is, just whose back yard is this little soirre in, ours, umm, no.
That would be Italy, Spain, France, you know, the Euoropeans.
Just to drive my frustration home, they can't afford the bombs and bullets so we will.

10% unemployment here at home,  Several million who have completely run out of unemployment insurance, 44 MILLION people in this country on food stamps, every damn state in the union except North Dakota running massive defecits but we can't do anything about that.

What we can do is give huge tax breaks to people who don't need them and run all over the Middle East swinging our dicks around and rain bombs and bullets down in staggering numbers.

In my opinion, it's pretty fucked up when our foreign policy takes precedent over our Domestic policy by a factor of four to one.

Something just ain't right there.


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Maybe us unemployed should get jobs making cruise missiles....
    Dean in az

  2. You'd swear that crackheads were running the show.

  3. We'll spare no expense to break things and kill people. Help for US poor and middle class? Please, we have to cut the budget somewhere.

  4. We always have money for Wars. All we have to do is suck some Chinese dick and there we are. Meanwhile as you intimated, we cut cost for the poor. I heard today that each Missile cost a million dollars. Whatever it is it's to much. Also I thought Presidents had to get authority from Congress before aggression like this. Hey is this a record? 3 wars at the same time! Obama is going to be noted for something after all.

  5. For a meeeelion bucks apiece, me , you and several other assholes like we are, could be on TV with eighteen inch wheels and four wheel drives, with way too young little girls hanging out the windows.

    On the other hand we could also have a few hundred teachers, a couple of new streets, a couple miles of new roads, one brand new school and a new Congrescritter. We just don't get to choose.

  6. Tomahawk $1,500,000 each
    Cost per bomb-UNK
    Cost per operating hour for fighter type aircraft. $13,500
    Mean Time Between Failure Rate for fighter type aircraft-1.5 flying hour IOW, a electronic or mechinical failure that keeps the A/C from flying until repaired
    B2 operating costs-SECRET
    Cost per B2, $2Billion.
    Why they did not use BUFFs-Big Ugly Flying Fucker(B52) Or even B1s rather than the B2 which is so expensive you are afraid to take it out of the hanger-does it still crash if rained on?