Thursday, March 24, 2011

The AWWW Factor

My cat Baby has developed the habit of of stretching her front paw out and combing my beard when she demands to be petted, the little bitch.

Wakes my ass up in the middle of the  night, crawling up in the middle of my guts to display this bit of affection and pisses my ass off.
It's cute as hell but she has rotten timing.

I get the message, pet me asshole but give me  a fucking break here cat, I am trying to be passed out.
Fuck, three thirty in the fucking morning.

 I need to quit feeding this little monster so much, she is getting heavy.

Not quite as cuddly as Nasty Girl either, dammit.


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Way better than waking up to your cat's brown eye waving in your face.

  2. Nasty Girl10:24 AM

    You are so sweet. Your beard is too short for me so someones gotta do it. Smooch baby.

  3. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Our A/C died a couple of weeks ago, and we had to sleep with windows open, interior doors open as well.

    Our cat Leo was pretty much giving me the same treatment, not actually touching me, but walking on the pillow around me, purring his a$$ off. He'd jump up and down off the mattress to floor as well, startling me from barely asleep to 'Home Invasion - Battle Stations Biotch'.

    Yep, shitty nights sleep was had.

  4. Leave yer cookbook open to the recipe for "Tacos del Gato" and maybe she'll get the message.

  5. chkarrer@aman'thuul5:38 PM

    Cats have their way of getting their way: