Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dumber Than A Box Full Of Rusty Hammers

Jaysus Christ.
I just spent a half an hour talking to some stupid woman at Verizon trying to pay my outrageous bill.
I think I have actually been here at the Weasel Den a total of five fucking days since New Years.
That doesn't stop the fuckers from charging me though.
$125 bucks.
 Then she tries to upgrade me., No charge.
OK, I'm listening.

Faster access, better air card,more Gygabytes best of all, ten dollars a month cheaper.
You have my attention.

But no.
She dithered around , him hawed and couldn't figure out what the fuck she was talking about.
 Next thing I know, it's another twenty bucks.
OK, just fucking do it.
But, no. Can't do that.Please hold while I figure out how to fuck you, hold still.
Put's me on hold while she straightens her bra strap and goes for the kill shot.

How's about another hundred and fifty fucking bucks for the upgrade?

I gotta admit, I was polite when I told her how to insert said plan right back into her ass.

It's nine thirty in the morning, I have already had two shots of whiskey and a beer chaser but I ain't that fucking stupid. Fer Christ's sake lady!
Just take the payment and quit wasting the battery in my cell phone!

If I ever get my fucking tax rebate back, I am going to dump Verizon like the two bit whore they are, on a deserted street in the middle of the night, in the rain.

Fuck me running.

On top of all that aggravation, the cocksuckers would have extended my contract for another two years without telling me, as I found out the hard way when my air card died and I had to get off my sick bed to go get another one.

Rotten fucking bastards.

Verizon can suck my fucking dick.

Anyway, I am home for a short while, I have internet access and you can expect to see some more venom spewed from my keyboard soon.

Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. welcome home honey *smooches*

  2. My air card died right after my contract expired. It never worked very well here at home anyway. We had the weakest tower here in town in the whole AT&T system by their own admission - 2 bars on a good day and it's a line-of-sight mile away. I dropped the service like a hot rock. Me and the Missus can share the big computer and get the temp wifi for 25 bucks/4 days at our favorite motel, saves about $600/year.