Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Aching Ass

I can';t seem to sleep all night, I have ridden or driven about 650 miles in the last three days on some two lane twisty fucking roads. Raining and hailing sideways, can't see the fucking road but keep on driving anyway because I know the road. I seem to wake up at four fucking thirty and can" figure out if I need to take a piss or lay back down and have flash backs until it is time to get up.

Went to bed with a Dog last night, fucking bed hog too..Goddamn Labradors.
Looking forward to a shower and a future visit to Nasty Girl.

My brother kicked his own ass again, I just showed up to say Howdy.

There is much more to this little episode but it is family business, elder family members and all that.

Done? Oh Hell fucking yes.

BTW, I have some Toxic Sock Syndrome to deal with.

See Ya"s later.


  1. When you wash your socks, the Labradumb will get over being thrilled by you and won't want to sleep with you any more. Heh.

  2. Newt Gingrich does not have a chance. I really cannot stand him. He will never be my leader! These religious nuts are so hung up on not sinning, yet they can sin. Now, he is pointing fingers at Clinton because he is a bigger sinner? ???