Friday, March 04, 2011

Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face

Exactly who the fuck does this complete fucking jack ass think is going to be around to take care of the business of the State?

Playing some Russian Roulette are we?

Just wait until there isn't some lackey there to hand him his fucking latte in the morning.

The numbers do not lie, this stupid fucking asshole is going down eventually.There are already over a million people wanting to sign a recall petition.

The lawsuits are already starting to fly about denying the people access to the capitol building, the cops tackled a Representative to the ground trying to get into his own office and even before that, the cops gave him the middle finger for being an asshat.

Keep pushing the buttons asshole, you are going to be the bug on the windshield of Democracy.

Speaking of complete motherfucking assholes. I am pretty much speechless over this one.

If you didn't think Boehner was  complete fucking anal wart before, here ya go.
The last living vet from WW1 and Boner won't allow his body to be laid in State inside the Capitol.

Somebody needs to bitch slap that sonofabitch.


  1. Busted, PLEASE. Don't use a part of a woman's body to use as the worst insult to a person. I know guys are not bothered being called a prick, but women don't like being called a cunt, identified by her sexual parts. Yes, I don't hide behind anonymous. Do not reduce us to one thing. Thanks!

  2. I have been called out for this before.

  3. There ya go, completely non sex specific.

  4. LOL...better and disgusting. Thanks!

    Have you ever attended THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES? "Cunt" is used over and over and is not at all offensive to me in that context.

    My blog post for today is "Size DOES Matter!"

  5. Them old boys don't give a rats ass about us the people. Well guess what?
    I don't give two shits for them either ! I do listen and watch over their actions though. Just so's I got a heads up on how they might be trying to butt fuck me next.
    Of course, I watch my neighbor with same diligence.

  6. Anonymous6:28 AM

    i emailed boehner abt that and said i would consider him pond scum, except that would be insulting to the pond scum.

    mrs. jp

  7. Boehner is a man without honor or respect for those who served and survived or died when his forebears were just a passing sinful tickle in the loins.

    Earthworms have more spirit. What a disgraceful humanoid.


  8. How 'bout this compromise... Let's honor Cpl. Buckles in the Capital and inter Boehner in Arlington...right now!

  9. Weepy is a fuck weasle.

    What a dickish thing to do, and what a slap in the face to veterans everywhere.



  10. Comrade Misfit is being too kind to him. He gives blackhearted douchebags a bad name.

  11. And they wonder why I refuse to fly the flag every since coming back from Nam. I will when my country makes me proud again.
    Don't get me wrong, I love my country. That's why I served when called, as all should.
    Maybe if those scum sucking leeches that are in office these days had served in the military, we wouldn't be having these politico wars...