Sunday, January 09, 2011

Watching The Old Right Wing

Fuckin' A folks, its a John Wayne weekend.

What can I say?

I'm at Nasty Girls again and she has tv.  Some channel has a weekend long John Wayne fest going on, notice the time stamp.
The old man is dead and long gone but he was one of my heroes.

Mother fucker was an ornery fucking bastard back in the day.

To this day, straight fucking whiskey and leave the bottle.

Hey, at least I ain't into Rap music.....


  1. I think maybe the "Shootist" was his best.

  2. There is hope for you yet! Ha ha. Enjoy Bro!


  3. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Hate to go against the tide, but when I think of JW I think of a group of WWII vets booing him off the stage. He was all too willing to glorify war for fun and profit, but he weaseled out of his chance to do his part. His on screen persona was one thing, the real deal underneath the makeup was another.

  4. You should watch Sands Of Iwo Jima on a Marine base. The Jarheads cheer when Sgt. Ryker gets shot. We loved our NCOs. Heh.

    We had John Wayne can openers and John Wayne crackers and John Wayne who-knows-what-fuck-all. If you pulled a bonehead stunt they called you John Wayne. We were fuckin' sick of John Wayne.

    That said, he was the consummate movie cowboy.

  5. I left out that 'John Wayne' was a derisive description of the wrong or phony way to do almost anything in the Corps.

  6. And the straight fucking whiskey in the movies is ice tea.

  7. John Wayne was a hell of a lot of fun, dammit.

    Hell, I drink my whiskey straight. Are you gonna drink or not? And while you are at it throw the damn cap away. Won't need that again.