Monday, January 10, 2011

See It With Your Own Eyes

So, I touched a nerve yesterday.
Mine have been getting stomped on for quite some time now. For all of you who want to deny my claims of the elimininationist narrative that has been spewing forth from our Right Wing friends for the last few years, go read it yourself, every last word of it.


  1. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Hey Busted, how bout this list of you fucktard libwads acting and writing in a violent manner:

  2. I asked for evidence and you have provided a link to yours.
    I read it and found exactly ZERO political assinations. Throwing tomatoes? Slashing tires?
    One gunshot victim that was the result of a MUSLIM, going off, one stabbing.

    This is a REACTION to what has been going on. I am not in any way going to aplogize for stupid fucking assholes but you have yet to show me a politically motivated assination attributed to a liberal.

  3. Apparently I can't spell assasination today either.

  4. Wow...I feel the "love" from Annon. Kinda illustrates our point, eh?

  5. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Anonymous, that piece of shit Malkin piece is pure crap. First, it is TEN FUCKING YEARS of what she says are left wing haters. There are more on the right in just the last two fucking years. I think she pulled most of them outta her ass, I've never heard of but a few of what she posted.

    But this guy, he was just a crazy, not right or left. But I guarantee he came out of his little closet because of all of the vitriol spewing from the right.

  6. I'm a conservative and this fucking neanderthal posturing with small arms weapons is fucking retarded. My God, next will Palin be straddling a nuclear weapon the way cher did the gun of the navy ship in some horrible fucking music video.

  7. Nasty Girl12:17 AM

    I don't care what he may have heard from the right. He still should know better than to go out and shoot people. He was a fucking mental case and it is nobody's fault but his own. I listen to left wingnuttery all the time but I'm not out there shooting anyone.

  8. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Hey busted, this is anonymous from the first post that provided ample evidence that you libtard wingnuts are full of crap on the violent rhetoric. Please, and I am begging you, give me one fact that this deuche bag asshole that tried to assasinate a congress person was in any way influenced by right wing radio, tv, or Sarah Palin. If you cant then why dont you practice what you preach and quit twisting facts, asshol?

  9. Anonymous12:46 AM

    :) apparently had to much beer when I wrote that rant and cant spell, meant "asshole" not asshol. Still like your blog for whatever reason, if for no other than to get my brain working and blood pressure up for a good debate.

  10. Crack open another one and stop by when ya can. debate is good, shooting people is fucking ignorant, it means you don't have anything left to say, which means a lost arguement is reason to kill someone.

    Thanks fer stopping by.

  11. Yeah, you sure done stuck a outboard motor in the punch bowl, Nucks! Heh.

    It's spelled assassination.

    Yes, the guy was a whackjob. A FAR RIGHT whackjob. Too bad he wasn't a Librul whackjob or a Muslim whackjob or somethin', huh?

  12. Anonymous10:37 AM

    to anon, do you even know were ok city is. Mcveigh ring a bell. Most loons that have done violence lately have been the brainwashed rubes that have blinders on and can't see past there own tv/radio. Kill the baby killers. revolution is good. blood of patriots needs to be spilled from time to time. Dumb ass motherfuckers. Wake the fuck up. All these bastards want is class warfare to detract from the real problems that our society is encountering and you fucks are playing right into there hands. fucking stupid. Ignorance is not bliss, it's ignorance.


  13. Hey Busted, why don't you link to a list of liberal talk show hosts calling for violence against conservatives? Oh, wait. There is no such list. Never mind.

  14. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Gordon, my name is Tom, btw. Please, I will repeat this question with resorting to insulting my left leaning friends and neighbors, please show me one bit of proof this guy was right wing or influenced at all by r.w. radio, tv, or anything Sarah Palin said or did? He likes mein kampf and the freaking communist manifesto. He was apparently a pot head, psycho, obsessed with the joker from batman and wanted anarchy. This guy was not left or right, he was a straight up nutso that decided to kill abunch of people. Just because a bunch of liberals keep saying this asshole was right wing DOES NOT make it a fact.

  15. The issue isn't whether or not Jared Loughner himself was a right-winger. The issue is whether or not violence-infused political rhetoric has an effect on unhinged characters. We already know it does. See Andrew Poplawski and Byron Williams for evidence.

    While it may not be possible to draw a direct line between the Tucson shooting and the gun-centric hyperbole emanating from the right, nothing bad can come from ending such hyperbole. I'm reminded of this cartoon where someone asks, "What if [global warming] is a hoax and we create a better world for nothing?":

    Well, what if Jared Loughner wasn't inspired by irresponsible, firearm-infused rhetoric and we restore civility to our political discourse for nothing?

  16. Tom, Mein Kampf is about as right wing as you can get, but I don't care what he read. The philosophies of his that I have heard, including 'mind control' in grammar and saying the money's not valid because we're not on the gold standard are right wing as well.

    Don't worry, Rush Limpbaugh says the asshat is smiling in his booking photo because the Democratic party is behind him.

    Bottom line: whatever pushed the cat off the edge is a helluva lot closer to the right wing than to the left. The mentally unstable tend that way.

  17. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I don't care how much denial the right wingtards spout. They ARE sharing the guilt of the bloodshed in Arizona and rightly so.

    My dripping fang liberal idea of revenge is a clump of cat-litter catapaulted into a rain-gutter; the right wing thinks the second amendment gives them permission to shoot political adversaries.

    And the ex-military me? Well, she just thinks all the two faced cretins should FOAD of their own stupidity.

  18. Nasty Girl1:37 PM

    They are not sharing the guilt. It is not their fault. You are full of it!