Monday, January 24, 2011

The Pushback Begins

Ya gotta love that crazy fucker Jesse Ventura.

Good on ya dude.

Oh, you SO want to click on that link, he is sueing the DHS and the TSA over their Pat Down bullshit.

I gotta say though, dude, lighten up on that Hair Care For Men shit. Christ, you are older than I am and I am pretty much all white haired, what I have left.

Of course, this ,on the other hand, is just symbolic at this point but it reinforces what we were screaming about back in the Bush administration, that they were politicizing every chance they got during business hours in Federal buildings.

Then we have the matter of those crooked fucking banksters who started this whole economic melt down. They are about to get their assholes examined up close and personal. Civil suits? Are you fucking kidding me? These people need to go to fucking jail and have every fucking dime they own returned back into the general fund, plus immense fines.

Then we have this, two of our citizens are in jail, facing fifteen years apiece for audio recording the police under illegal eavesdropping laws, I love this quote from some asshole,

"Mr. Donahue added that allowing the audio recording of police officers while performing their duty “can affect how an officer does his job on the street.”

That's right you fucking asshole. it might just make them just a little bit recalcitrant to whip out that tazer on some 75 year old lady, beat the snot out of some guy they decided they don't like or maybe think twice about breaking a mop handle up somebodies ass or fire seventy plus shots at unarmed men.

All of which have been documented, thank you.

Go back and read that link, it will piss ya off..

Hey, if it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander.
Why should the Government be able to violate the fourth amendment without some push back?
I can't think of anything, except that bullshit canard they always pull out of their ass about " National Security",
 which is still fucking bullshit.
That fourth amendment was put on paper and signed into law for a goddamn good reason, to prevent exactly what the fuck has been going on for the last ten fucking years.

Still reading my Emails boys?
 That's what I am talking about.

The one thing the poor lady has going on in her favor is this little blurb, buried at the end of the article;

The investigators discovered that she was recording them and she was arrested and charged with two counts of eavesdropping, Mr. Johnson said. But he added that the law contains a crucial exception. If citizens have “reasonable suspicion” that a crime is about to be committed against them, they may obtain evidence by recording it.

I hope she sues them into bankruptcy.

As they like to say, "make an example out of them".

Then we have this little matter, which should be settled law after all these years but the PTB just gotta keep pushing the boundaries.
In no way do I condone the perps alleged actions but this is a major case and will have far reaching implications down the road.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court will consider whether investigators must give a jail inmate his Miranda rights before questioning him on matters unrelated to what landed him behind bars.
The justices on Monday said they will hear Michigan's appeal of a court ruling in favor of Randall Fields, who acknowledged to sheriff's deputies that he had sexual contact with a minor. The admission took place during an interview in the same building where Fields was jailed on unrelated charges.
The deputies never advised Fields he could be silent or have a lawyer, hallmarks of the Miranda warning for criminal suspects. They did tell him he could leave when he wanted.

So, take heart fellow citizens, the government has it's hands full with people who are fed the fuck up with the over reach they have been pulling.

 I am not going to be any kind of Pollyana and tell you all is well, I am just pointing out that they are getting their hands slapped here and there, as it should be.

The Bush administration opened up Pandora's box after 9/11 and we are still trying to close the damn thing.

Never say die.

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  1. It really ticks me off that regular citizens face jail time and much more from simply recording the actions of the cops with whom they interact.

    The cops, feds, and damn near EVERY part of the various governments can record EVERY aspect of our lives but how dare we little people record THEIR actions.

    Aren't the powers that be fond of saying "if you are doing nothing wrong and you have nothing to hide it should be ok to record your actions".

    Well, what is good for the goose..........