Monday, November 22, 2010

Some Times I Can Be An Idiot

God dammit, I am cussing at myself right now.

I came up here to the girl friends and didn't bother to get any propane to keep the Weasel Den going.
Checked the weather and Holy Shit!

It's supposed to get down to 15 fucking degrees tomorrow night.
That's where I live. It's already fucking freezing here and I don't have studded tires.
75 fucking miles away and it's not supposed to thaw out until Thanksgiving.

I tried getting a hold of every damn neighbor I could, plus my Buddy and no luck. I finally resorted to calling my Dad.
He had to drive ten miles to my place, doesn't know where the fucking propane tanks are, found them and then went down the street to get them filled.
Goddamn neighbors weren't home either. The Chevron has a four fucking thousand gallon propane tank and they told him they were out.

He went to another joint and they told him the same story.

I am thinking there are some lazy bitches that don't want to go out in the cold.
he is 73 fucking years old and can't see shit when it gets dark.
So, he went home and got my Mom to drive and two fucking hours later, they are still fucking around with this.


I thought I had a buddy staying there while I was gone to take care of the cat but fuck no.

There are going to be some fucking beatings handed out when I finally get home.

In the mean time, I am worried sick about my folks, out there fucking around trying to cover my ass in the dark.

Fuck me.


  1. Busted, when you come up for air, you will find propane to be the least of your worries. It's time to get your shit together man, we're in for a nasty fucking ride...

  2. ...a local fella i know said they were limiting customers/him to a hundred gallons..."to avoid running out" WTF??? it aint even cold here yet,