Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Some Things I Don't Miss

Asshole shit like what passes for news and elevated opinion on the television would be number one on that list.
This, on the other hand, has real promise for some much needed sanity.

"Lieberman, Graham Threaten To Shut Down Senate Over Detainee Photos"

Do us all a favor and shut it all down.
All of you self important fucks can go home and stay there.

Retire for all I care.

Ya ain't doing the peoples business, you are Grandstanding and if it were up to me, I would call your bluff and go home and start an investigation into the political donations that have come and gone through your office, in my spare time.

These two worthless fucks are threatening to shut down the legislative process because they are the two biggest pussies that have ever been mistakenly elected bought in the history of Congress and the Republicans are having epileptic fits trying to keep their roles in this disaster quiet.

Citing National Security, no less.

You two fucking whiny bitches need to get what you are asking for.

You two are so far beyond contempt I wouldn't throw a beer can worth a fucking nickle at ya.

Lieberman is by far the most contemptible sonofabitch I can possibly think of, in the last hundred years.
If you think Arlen Specter is a craven, power hungry fucking weasel, remember the time that fucking spineless , two faced, party jumping , so called Independent Republican light mother fucker Joseph Lieberman Had to be bailed out by the likes of Bill Clinton and the Republican Party just to save his ass because he got WHUPPED in the Primary by someone who financed their own campaign and found out there were a few thousand people who thought kicking Lieberman's ass was a good thing?
How's that working out for ya now Connecticut?
Ned Lamont ring a bell?

Y'all got PLAYED!!

My contempt for Joe Lieberman is infinite and eternal.

Lindsey Graham is , how do I say, less than a line backer and more than a Cheerleader bench warmer, not by much and let us not forget Mitch McConnell as another Giant among Republican male role models.
Whoo Hoo! Jonah Goldberg!

Hold on a minute, I have to get the smelling salts out, thinking about all the manly studs the Repukes are throwing on the front lines in their hour of need.

Cannon fodder.

I can't believe they are trying to recycle Newt Fucking Gingrich and I absolutely laughed my ass of when I see they can't figure out what the fuck to do with that phony bitch they tried to foist on America as a legitimate Vice Presidential Nominee.

Palin, Gingrich, Palin, Gingrich.
This the best ya got?

Laugh my ass off, y'all done stuck a ten pound bag of shit in a five pound bag and y'all are so proud of yerselves, ya don't know which way to turn because neither fucking one of them has a snowballs chance in Hell of being the next President, or even the next Dog Catcher.
Ya can't even figure out that EVERY FUCKING ONE OF THEM is a Prima Donna?

Bring back Rudy!

I gotta give ya credit for one thing, ya got the Media to blast your talking points but when you invite, disinvite, reinvite and the disinvite again, the former Vice Presidential candidate from your own party because you can't figure out who is the most current popular crazy person you want to foist on the American public, you are some sorry sonsabitches.

I am loving the self destruction of the Republican Party, I am hoisting a beer in celebration because you are using your own paid for media to broadcast it, 24/7.

Congratulations on yer success.

Even Karl Rove has shut his mouth and that is priceless.


  1. Loved yer last line. Thanks for the read and rant. *G*

  2. Nice rant
    But I could tell your heart isn't in it, I mean not that much swearing considering the subject matter.

    snark meter pegged 100%

    Thanks for the blogroll insert.

  3. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Boy Howdy! If I could afford it, I'd hire you as a permanent, on-call consultant so anytime I had to deal with an asshole, I could have you fly in and straighten their sorry ass out.
    But that financial dreaming on my part. I guess both of us will have to settle for me continuing to try to tell you how much I like and appreciate your posts.
    I wish you "faster horses, younger women, older whisky, and more money."
    (kudos to Tom T.)

  4. We could always send Dick Cheney copies so he has something to masterbate with.

  5. Busted,

    You win today's Greatest Rant of All Time award. And, yes, there's a new one every day.

    Raise one for me!

    Tears streaming down my face (again) (in wonder and awe at your muted magnificence),


    I am hoisting a beer in celebration because you are using your own paid for media to broadcast it, 24/7.

  6. Nice ass-kickin' ya did on that fuckin' pussy Lieberman, Busted!

    Once again, a beautiful rant!

  7. Lie-berman! BAH! Ever see Jon Stewart (DAILY SHOW) do his Leeberman impersonation. Too funny! That fukken Lie-berman is breathing air WE could be breathin!

  8. Jeg43, Tom T Hall is the schizzle!!! Dude's written more song than most pickers can ever learn.

    One of the BEST, ever. *G*