Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MySpace Firing, FaceBook Can Suck My Dick, Is Twitter Hiring?

I gotta admit, I have a MySpace page, last updated sometime three months ago, whatever.
I have a a FaceBook space too and those dirty sonsabitches won't let me delete it unless I a some kind of computer super genius and can do it by myself, one fucking entry at a time. for EVERY line, that I put up, somebody I don't really know friended me, for people I barely know that sent me Good Karma, three hundred times.

For every damn application I added, for every time I was a nice guy and sent somebody a growing gift...

On and On and On.

Bitches, delete my fucking account!

How hard is it for you to hit DELETE?

Oh no, they just let it lay dormant, forever, in case I change my mind.

Stupid fucks.
That is Bullshit in this day and age.
I ain't yer boyfriend anymore and I need a cease and desist order?

So now MySpace is sucking hind tit and laying people off, what a surprise.

This Twitter bullshit reminds me that I need to go call my Grandmother while I am taking a shit just to keep her up to date.
Scratch that, she could keep me up at night telling me all the problems she is having!

Pass the Charmin and shut the door.


  1. I'm seriously not impressed with Facebook.

  2. Facebook is a place for teenagers to giggle at each other and send annoying shit back and forth filling up your email with garbage.

  3. I'm with both Fixer and Nancy. Facebook is crap and My Space ain't much better.

    I've got a My Space account...but never use, except to keep up with my kids and grandson.

    The wife has an account, too, and has had it hijacked twice. Fuckin' bullshit, if ya ask me.

    I'll stick with Blogger. It's easy [for us old buggers], and it's safe. I know it fucks-up once in awhile, but that I can deal with.

    Fuck Twitter! The last thing I need is havin' everybody in the fucking world know what the hell I'm doing all fuckin' day.