Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Brother Gets A Poke In The Eye

Not like this was a great deal for the public to begin with but DHS is cutting off access to spy satellites that local law agencies were dying to use against every day Americans.

Just what we needed, Barney Fucking Fife having access to government spy satellites.

Domestic spying has such a nice ring to it.


Like that is going to stop a single damn Alphabetic Government agency from looking at my E-mails or listening to my phone calls.

Bite me. I hope you guys enjoy looking at Tits.
I seem to get a great deal of those in my In Box.

Hell, they hang around here more than some regulars.

They just tend to keep quiet about it.

Hat Tip RawStory.


  1. Darn and Bubba thought he was going to see the hotties sunbathing in the nude in their backyards.

  2. I wish I knew when they were watching me from space. I'd go out on my front lawn, drop my pants, and spread my cheeks so they could get a good close look at my hairy anus.