Monday, June 15, 2009

Go Ahead, Put Me On The list

H/T VOA fer the pic.

I absolutely back the Iranian people to have fair elections.

What a fucking concept.

After the stolen election here in the United States Of America, in the year 2,000,
I can sympathize.

After the SUPREME COURT fucked us, I can't say I blame them for being pissed off, they seem to have the same problem as we do, a bunch of Right Wing motherfuckers who can control the results of a popular vote right out of the gate before everything has been counted.

Even better, those folks ain't taking that shit laying down like we did.

Good on 'em.

A couple of million seriously pissed off citizens ignoring a government order not to demonstrate should send shivers up a few Neocon asses, not to mention a few Hard Core Right Wing Assholes who just found out they ain't all that and a bag of chips.

My hat is off to the folks in Iran who decided they ain't taking that shit .

The Ayatollah is going to have a serious case of heartburn.

Whattaya do, shoot everyone and bow down to yer Religious Bullshit doctrine or get yer head out of yer ass and figure out there is a serious demand to change course in your country?

Conservative estimates put the crowds at a meeelion pissed off Iranian citizens
, in one city. Some assholes opened fire and killed at least one protester and wounded several others.
Reports are spotty but that tells me that someone told said asshole enough was enough.

Unless you bought ammo in bulk in the last year, I think I would listen to what the folks have to say, even then, I would have to think you can be replaced rather quickly.

I think someone must be quite aware of that fact.

The first sonofabitch that comes around here calling me a Terrorist Sympathizer gets a bonus prize.

First off, go do yer Goddamn Homework.

Second, go do some more Goddamn homework.

"Yet as Bush trumpets the spread of democracy throughout the Middle East, few note that Iran has one of the longest-running experiences with democracy in the region."

I can't fucking wait for it.

I think that they are just as glad as I am that we finally got rid of that illiterate peckerhead Bush and they are wanting to get rid of their own peckerhead crazy bastard.


  1. First off this whole situation isn't quite what it appears. This was only a slight shift to the left if Mousavi gets in office or more realistically a shift from the far right to a more moderate position. For a quick rundown and a little background from a reporter who's there check out:

    Let me know if the link doesn't work.

  2. The people of Iran who are taking a stand against this right-wing conspiracy deserve our complete support....they have mine.

    They have taken a stand against the same tyranny that their fellow citizens did 30+ years ago. I wonder how the Ayatollah likes it now that the show is on the other foot!