Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Standing Eight Count.

I am exhausted, I feel like warmed over cat puke and I am going to bed.
I am coming down with the latest mutation of this fucking head cold that keeps going, and going, and going, and going.

Mother fuckers at work will not stay home when they are sick and I know exactly where this one came from, a guy I work with who has a little fucking kid.
The kid and the wife have been sick for a week and this asshole too.
I felt the fucker coming yesterday but I am all done today.


  1. I'm with ya, as far as the head cold. I got one, too, man. My wife can go on forever ranting about people going to work sick. But, when you've only got three sick days a year, what are you supposed to do? Move to France?

  2. Sorry to hear about the illness, my man. You know, it really bothers me that some people just don't realise that they are NOT doing the right thing by coming to work sick. What they are guilty of instead is spreading the crap around even more!

  3. When I'm working I always take a pack of vitamins. At the first sign of a cold it's out with the Cold Eze. You don't know what it's like to have a head cold and have to wear a fullface respirator. Not a pretty sight.

  4. Only thing I got is a need for a trip to the desert to de-compress. Too much sh*t going down at work, need a mental health break.

    Good luck with your head cold, I was constantly sick during my teaching days 'cause the little bastards brought every goddamned virus in the universe into the classroom 'cause their mommies and daddies sure the hell didn't want the kid at home, so there we are with kids practically passing out in the classroom they're so damned sick and the little snots don't even give a shit. (By 'the little snots', I'm talking about the parents, whose heart was surpassed in smallness only by their mind). And yeah I was damned well burned out on teaching when I said fuck it, can you tell? :-).

    So go pass out. And chicken soup. That shit works. No kidding. Too bad you don't live out here in Vietnam Town, we got some kick-ass Vietnamese chicken soup out here (called "pho ga") that'll fix ya right up, and if that don't do it, the Korean kimchi jigae will (either that, or kill ya! :-).

    - Badtux the Been-there Penguin

  5. (((busted)))
    hope ya feel better soon babe

  6. I hate it when my co workers get me sick. Thankfully, the crazy Italian I work with eats too much garlic so he never catches anything. Heh ...

  7. Aaaaw feel better busted, there's nothing worse than a springtime cold! I had a real bad one a few months back, I was not a pretty sight! LOL!

  8. Now c'mon, folks, y'all can't tell me that you've never gone to work with a cold.
    Ya know, not everybody can afford to stay home the whole time until the cold has passed. Most employers I know won't put up with that every time someone gets a cold.
    Face it, we're all gonna get sick sooner or later....and there ain't nothin' worse then some big tough guy turning into a whiny little baby. C'mon guys, how many times has your wife and/or mother been 'should be in bed sick' and there they are takin' care of our whiny cry-baby asses.
    Colds are gonna happen, it ain't the end of the world. Eat right, take your vitamins, get plenty of rest, and deal with it.

  9. Funny this is coming up now. I'm dealing with a cold too. I had to take off on Wednesday and Thurs Fri are my regular days off. I just love being sick on my days off!! I'm still sick but will have to be back to work tomorrow sick or not. My boss would have a fit if I missed a saturday ... sick or not. Which kind of worries me as I serve food for a living. Gee let me get half the people in this town sick tomorrow!!

  10. StringonaStick10:22 AM

    I worked with a guy who had 4 kids, and he was always passing their crap on to me. I referred to it as "the disease of the month club".

  11. Take care of yourself. I love ya man so you will be missed here. And start taking 1000 mg. capsules of Vitamin C every few hours whenever you feel the grungies coming on. I started doing this back in the 80's after reading Linus Pauling and I've never been sick since.

    Really. Chicken soup is the best quick fix after you're down for the count. Sounds like BT has got the cure there.

    Love ya!


  12. I hope you're feeling better today.