Monday, March 23, 2009

I Am Going To Be Nice

A lot of people took care of me every other day, when I was trying to grow up, and made sure I got to grow up to be the Ornery Fucker I am today and did so without complaint, it is my turn.

Granny went out of her way to show me some pictures of my skinny ass when I was about 11.
Before I had my nose broke eight fucking times, before I smoked three tons of weed, before my Mother died, drinking herself to death, before I drank enough whiskey to make a natural born fucking Irishman blink twice.

Granny did a good thing, she reminded me that family takes care of family.
I needed to be reminded of that tonight.

If ya got some, look at them sideways and remember that ya fucking love them before they aren't there .

She has no one left in her family except her daughter, my step mother.
I only have my real brother and my Uncle on my real mother's side left.
I am also lucky in that I have grown up with a huge family.
Two other brothers that I love dearly, and a family that goes with them that would make yer eyes pop out.

They are all family and I love them dearly, there is no difference.

I raised a couple of beautiful children, who have a beautiful older sister with a three year old, who all call me Dad, the greatest accomplishment of my entire life, bar none.
I am proud of all three of them.
It don't get better than that, I love them with all my heart.

I ain't boasting when I say they are beautiful kids, one look at them and one look at me and you would know damn good and well I had no part in their genetic make up.

I don't give a shit if you are blood related, My Gram has always accepted me for the ornery little fucker I have always been for 38 years.

That is unconditional love.

I know this because I have learned how that is so true, you can love anyone, treat 'em like blood relatives because after a while, they are.

It don't fucking matter.

If they love ya enough to put up with yer ass, ya love them and their kids as yer own, what fucking difference does it make?

Yes, we have had our differences, but kids are kids and Mom's are Mom's and Grannies are Grannies. Brothers are brothers and cousins are brothers too.

Fuck with one of mine and find out what I am talking about.

My Republican relatives and I have gone toe to toe and not talked to each other at times for quite a while.
Fuck the politics, it is always a beautiful thing to see their kids.
I have watched two generations grow up now, that is scary because I can't remember their names sometimes and their fucking kids have grown up to be as tall as I am and I ain't fucking Santa Clause.

Lot's of great babies grow up to be twice the adult I was at their age, or maybe not, that is where a little small talk ,one on one can go a long ways.
My pleasure to watch that happen.
The best part is, when bad things happen and someone needs a helping hand, the phone rings and shit happens, right, fucking, now.

I am very lucky in that regard.

It is my great privilege to do my part.

Everyone has their day to day complain, I am no different, I just know that I am one lucky bastard.

Kiss 'em and hug 'em and kick 'em in the ass when they need it,
You'll miss 'em when their gone.

In the mean time, I have several things to take care of, one is, the fucking toilet didn't seal and I am going to go All IN and fix that motherfucker for once and all fucking time, next week.
I ain't fucking kidding either, there is going to be shit flying through the air and waterproof adhesives sticking to the floor like peanut butter in a dogs mouth, baby shit on a blanket and cat piss in yer favorite leather jacket.

Watch me.

Piss me off, motherfucker, we shall see who wins in the end.


  1. Very good post about family, my friend! Very true...

    Appreciate the post!

  2. You are a softy!! You always end on a high note dontcha busted!! You crazy lovin' sweetie!

  3. thanks, busted! I've suffered some tragedies in my life and i've learned the ONLY thing that matters is the people in our lives. We all need to be reminded of that occasionally.

    And good luck with the plumbing repairs. That's a heckuva shitty deal *g*

  4. Busted, you're a whisky drinking, weed smoking, nose breaking good egg and your people should be proud.
    Now quit fucking around and fix the goddamn head.


  5. what darkblack said dood

  6. Anonymous4:28 PM

    To keep from getting a raging profane backlash from you I'll send anonymously. With your filthy mouth, how can anyone stand to be around you, especially your little children. What comes from the mouth also is expressed in other ways too. How about that temper? appears to me you have a stone hard heart if your language is any indication. I've been told that people swear when they don't have a good grasp of proper English or any other language. Why don't you try to give a positive approach to the billions that 'just might' wander onto your blog. Maybe you don't use this language other than on this blog - in that case, seems you're trying to be a "man" but aren't really. Weak ones strut and curse1

  7. Fraidy cat.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion and I don't see the need to be profane in my response to you.
    I write what I feel like writing about and I do it the way I want to do it, this is a niche Blog, if you will.

    There is no shortage of words at my disposal if I feel like using them, the elasticity of my vocabulary would astound you.
    My dear departed mother taught me to read long before I ever started school and I was spelling college level words in the third grade.
    I am, unbeknownst to many, highly intelligent and my IQ is over 135.

    Yes, I talk like I write, no, I am not a quisling , trembling with fear at facing the real world, I tackle the real world every day,on my terms.

    I have lived a hard life and I come from a place that you would never deign to see in the dark, alone.

    I have worked with Iron Workers, Dredge Hands, Pilebucks, Steam fitters, Hazardous waste disposal, Heavy equipment operators, mechanics of all kinds and have chopped a car frame in half with an axe and my bare hands to sell so I could get something to eat to keep from starving.

    I am sorry that adult language upsets you so much you felt the need to point out to me, anonymously, that you do not approve.

    You are entitled to live your life as you see fit and I am equally entitled to live mine as I see fit.

    I don't go to Sunday school but I have been there, at one time, I was an alter boy in the Catholic church, believe it or not.

    Sometimes life is not pretty and neither am I.

    Feel free to drop by anytime you like, it is not always the expletive express here but I have to tell you, most of the time it is and if that bothers you, there is a little red X at the top right corner of your screen you can use at any time.
    God bless ya for speaking your mind and God bless ya and look after you and yours that you can find peace in your life.
    As for me, I have other things to take care of right this minute, chugging a cold beer is at the top of that list.

    My best to you, Busted.

  8. I've been told that people criticize the language others use when they can't make a substantiative argument that counters the opinions of others.

    No one forces another to read, or comment on another's thoughts...Save for the subjective impulses that compel one to do so. And of course the interest that another might have in, and weight given to such quibbling is unforced also.

    To sum up...Fuck off, anonymous language police.

    Hugs n' snuggles,


  9. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Maybe you should get back into a church. As young as you are, this anger of yours and the trappings will definitely cause an early death. I know from having angry, raging friends AND family gone now - dead! and far too young, from high blood pressure and heart attacks. They were advised also but didn't listen either.

    You can never top me with struggles in life, "I been there done that" as is said for almost 80 years and let me say, the physical struggles don't end, but the mental, emotional ones can.

    I too have a high IQ - of 164. It doesn't mean anything unless one uses it. It just means intelligence ability.

    If you have to be angry, be angry about what really matters. Each of us and all of us are in this together. When one stops and thinks, quits putting the blame out there, sees that "I" created this problem, whatever it may be, then the anger will vanish, thus the spewing will vanish, then self remorse for past actions will result in a calmer demeanor and life becomes a bit easier. spend some time 'within', Knuckles, examine your conscience. Think "would Jesus act as I am acting"? I wouldn't think He did.

  10. I think this news story defines family far more succinctly:

    top that anonyjesus

  11. Busted, I'd like you to meet my good friend Vern. I think you guys might get along. :-)

  12. You are fortunate to have the family you have. I have my wife's family, wingnuts to the last, and that's it.