Friday, December 14, 2007

And The Huge Balls Award Goes To...........

Tow truck driver arrested for trying to hook police car

09:46 AM PST on Friday, December 14, 2007


GRESHAM -- A Gresham tow truck driver was arrested after officers said he tried to take revenge against a citation by towing an officers car during a domestic call.

Three officers were at the apartments on NE 23rd early Thursday, when one of them was dispatched to another call. While leaving the scene he noticed a tow truck hooking up one of the patrol cars.

Police said they told 32-year-old Gerald Sveyerson to relase the tow hold, but Sveryson complained about a previous ticket, then locked himself in the towtruck and refused to talk to officers. Then, officers said he called his dispatch and asked for help from another police unit.

(My emphasis,this where the award comes from)

The towing supervisor was eventually called in to defuse the situation with help of police.

Sveyrson was charged with interfering with police and criminal mischief.

End of article originating at a local news program in Portland Or.

Dumber than a fucking post,but he has Big Balls.

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  1. In 'The Oregonian' they credit this lovely genius with telling the cop he was parked in a fire zone.

    Like I said over 'Alternate Brain' - it mighta been legit if the cop was in a handicap space. ;)