Friday, February 03, 2012

The Definition Of A Complete Dumb Fuck

Some body needs a good clubbing with a large piece of anchor chain.

The marine mechanic was reportedly working on an anchor aboard the 52ft Nilaya in Auckland harbour, when the yacht hurriedly cast off as immigration officials tried to serve deportation papers on the skipper, Jarle Andhoy, 34.
Mr Andhoy and three crew members have embarked on an unpermitted voyage to Antarctica's Ross Sea, in defiance of both the Norwegian and New Zealand governments.
A previous trip he made to Antarctica almost a year ago ended in disaster when his yacht Berserk sank in a fierce storm and three men died.

It gets better too,

Mr Andhoy told the Norwegian public broadcasting service NRK that the presence on board of the unnamed New Zealander was not part of his plan, but was the result of "a hectic departure" from Auckland last week.


The best part,

The broadcaster reported him as saying that the Nilaya was not carrying a locator beacon so it would not put rescue services at risk.

Where to start with this story.

Let me begin with the fact that a fifty two foot boat is a child's toy when you are talking about where this fucking clown is talking about going.
Fer fucks sake, really?

You couldn't put enough provisions on a little fucking boat like that to last a month, I have been on one.
Another little fact, where they are headed sees some of the worst weather and ocean conditions you can imagine.

Three days out on a fifty one foot fishing boat had us in swells that dwarfed the cockpit and we were riding up and down waves so steep the prop was coming out of the water and running the engine up against its' red line.
Thankfully it was a little diesel so it had  a governor to keep it from blowing up.
Two days of that, tacking diagonally across the back of the waves to  get back to port and this guy is headed directly into that.

This guy is a fucking idiot.

A proven fucking idiot.
Let me repeat,

A previous trip he made to Antarctica almost a year ago ended in disaster when his yacht Berserk sank in a fierce storm and three men died.

Personally, I would be desperately looking for a flare gun and listening for chopper blades.
That and a cast iron skillet to smack that fucking moron in the head with.

When it comes to life and death and you have a complete fucking idiot in charge, mutiny is the order of the day.

Aye matey.


  1. I'm glad I ain't on it. That's scary shit.

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    i hope u are sarcastic otherwise it is a sing of pretty much no knowledge on what a sailing boat is capaple to handle when it comes to weather and distances

  3. What I want to know is who would be crazy enough to get on a boat with him.Maybe Newt GingRich?

  4. If this guy is such a moron I say let him go. Mother nature has a way of dealing with his types. Just don't let him take any innocent bystanders with him.