Sunday, February 05, 2012

Blog Roll Amnesty Day

My, how time flies!
It's that time of year again already.
Snuck up on me, it did.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of a brilliant , selfless and enduring decision by two fellows that made a huge impact on the internet and us fellow Bloggers who had little to no traffic or readers.

I will never, forget, when Skippy The Bush Kangaroo linked to this little rant hole and put me on his blog roll, ever.

The same thrill I got when Al Weisel, AKA Jon Swift did.

Al was a prince among men.

If you check, you will notice he is still on my Blog roll to this day even though he passed away a few years ago.

It is kind of hard for me to believe that I have running my mouth here for six years next month.

Six years.

That is an eternity in Cyberspace these days and I would like to thank each and everyone, including those pesky folks who take the time to give me shit,for taking a few precious moments out of their very limited life span to stop by.

Thank you all very much.

Now it is once again, time to pay that favor forward.

This is the deal, it is easy too, Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to link to five Blogs who you like but feel need more exposure because they have less traffic than you do.

It isn't hard, even if you feel that you have very little traffic.
Believe me, I can remember the day I got my very first comment.

In no particular order and wether or not they actually have more readers or not, here are my picks for this year and best of luck to you.

For those who know me, this might come as a surprise but my first nominee is a certified antithesis to what I normally preach but I love this fucking guy because he stands up and screams that he is tired of being fucked with.
I admire that.

Please welcome one crazy fucking bastard that I would stand behind in a second, even though we don't always see eye to eye politically,
Craig, at Keep It Simple Survival.

This is Joe Six Pack at his finest.

Another lady I really admire is one tough tiny explosive kind of lady.
She has had some really tough times lately but is the absolute epitome of what it takes to get by when you have difficult times.

My hat is off to this sweetheart.

The View from Treesongs

This next guy, I have no idea what kind of traffic he has but he is one VERY perceptive and articulate Blogger.

I need to thank my pals Fixer and Gordon at Alternate Brain for turning me onto Montag, this guy has it going on over at The Burned Over District.

Two more and I know exactly who comes to mind, I absolutely adore these next two ladies and just for a double triple bonus, I am going to hook you up with one of my very closest fiends.

First up is Politicky Bitch.
The name alone was enough to suck me in but after reading what she has to say, I have been a fan for several years now. Swing by and tell her Busted sent ya.

Next up and not least and not last is one of my personal favorites, it's a good thing we are both married and several thousand miles apart or I would make a pass at this lady.

Smooch honey, I loves ya.

When she tells ya  to do something , don't ask because it's That's Why.

And, finally, the lady I love, who became my very personal best friend because of the Internet and the reason behind this whole excersize, when you hit the lottery in Blogland, sometimes you actually get to meet someone wonderful in real life, my very good friend, Suzanne the proudest new Grandma you would ever want to meet in your entire life and someone who's friendship meens the world to me.

Hugz to you too sweetie.

Suzannes Two Ton Blog.

I thank you for stopping by, PLEASE, drop by these sites and take a look see, tell 'em I sent ya and get off your dead asses and participate in Blog Roll Amnesty Day.

You have absolutely no idea how much you can change someones life and outlook by such a simple act of pointing someone their way.

When you leave a comment on someones site, good or bad, we get the thrill of knowing someone is out there. and gives enough of a shit to take a few precious seconds out of their life to respond to what ever was going through our minds.

Thank you Skippy and Thank you Al, you both have anonymously left a very precious mark in my life.

Now,can you do that for someone else?


  1. Thanks love, and I loves me some Ornery too!

  2. LOL Busted, as usual.... you waited til the LAST minute to remind folks. Love ya guy but dayumm...

  3. thanks babe -- i spose i should put up a post about breaking my leg but not dropping the baby that i was carrying because my oldest daughter (her mom) has a broken leg.

    i'm so honored that you are my best buddy dood. i love you and your bride.

    i owe you such a debt of thanks -- you guided me in the ways of the pacific northwest and i know my transition from californian to oregonian was easier because of your sage advice.


  4. I hope that you don't mind, but I have you down on my blog as one of the blogs that I love. This is part of the Leibster Blog award day.

    I really appreciate what you do here. Thank you

  5. Degringolade: I just blogrolled you as well....because anyone who posts Tom Lehrer videos belongs there.

  6. Damn it, I missed this! Thank you so much for the link and the kind words. You sure do know how to make this chick feel good.

    My best to you and your bride!