Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tarsjay Strikes Again.

This is a bit inconceivable but apparently true.

Target, the giant fucking big box store, told a teacher, who's students raise money and go buy stuff for a Crisis nursery, fer chrissakes, that they can't come and spend up to two thousand dollars without two weeks notice because of scheduling issues for the tellers, I shit. You. Not.

They can't handle twenty five extra customers all at once.
I have been in one and they are huge.

A snippet from the teachers recollection of her conversation with some complete fucking bitch at Target that she posted on Facebook,

"Well, you can't come in. The schedule is made and I just don't have the cashiers. I need at least two weeks' notice. Sorry," Shelly said, curtly.

"We usually spend over $2000... Would you prefer we head over to Wal-Mart?"

"Hold on." When Shelly returned to the phone, I was told, "Nope. Sorry. We can't accommodate you."

I told her, "It has never been a problem in the past, and we have never given two weeks' notice before."

"Well, actually, it has been a problem, ma'am, because we can't check other guests out when you're here." She replied, with a definite tone rising in her voice.

"So, we can't spend our money there on Friday?"


"Okaaayy...I suppose we will go somewhere else then. Thank you," and I hung up.

In her letter, the teacher explains that her students don't all rush into the store and go nutso on the shelves. Instead, they do their shopping in groups of four. They also show up at the store at the non-peak time of 8:45 a.m. and are usually done and gone by 11 a.m.

Additionally, the group has a purchase order charge account with Target so as to make the entire buying process easier.

My emphasis because that makes this so much more ridiculous it went off the chart, they aren't even using cash.

Fuuuck you Target, you just shit the bed in my opinion

Talk about some bad PR, this went national.

I never liked 'em anyway, if you pay cash for something and want to return it, they won't give your money back, they make ya choke on a motherfucking gift card.

Another Fuck You in my book.

I have heard of some dumb shit but these kids have been doing this for five years now and they even got a heads up letter.

My question is ,
who in the fuck who has ever had an ounce of management experience couldn't accommodate these kids?

Ya lazy wench, get your lazy fucking ass behind the fucking cash register yer own self for fucks sake!

Some people just amaze me with their unwillingness to step up to the plate, ESPECIALLY, when it is for charity.

Being Christmas time, babies are involved and little kids have gone out of their way to help them?

Three strikes, you are out.

You can tell Target to kiss my fucking ass and I drive by one of those motherfuckers going and coming to work every fucking day and I can tell you something you can take to the bank, I will never darken their doorsteps again, as if I was going to anyway.

If you would like, you can drop a dime on 'em and tell them just how much you love what they do for the community.



  1. Fuck all those "big box" stores. The service sucks, their merchandise is tailored to a "one fits all" floor plan, and the management is invariably a bunch of corporate ass kissing douchebags. Gimme a local "mom and pop" any day, and I'll gladly pay the higher price for good service and locally tailored selection. Damn, but how I miss Padre Island Supply. They had boat trailer parts, auto parts, fiberglass and 'glassing tools, marine paints, plumbing bits and pieces, PVC, electrical stuff, good old fashioned hardware and tools... But the Hopeless Depot and Slowes put them out of business. God damn the bastards.

  2. Yes, fuck them sideways. My veteran son worked at a Target warehouse....it was staffed by a few 'supervisors' like him and a bunch of asshat sorts who acted like it was linen skirt, head-dress and whip day out of a bad Egyptian movie AND a pile of temps....many of them illegal immigrants.

    They forced they to work 12 hour days with no overtime and days off, too...otherwise, they were told they 'might find no job on Monday'. They verbally abused them, docked them for bathroom breaks, and refused to allow them anything to drink most of the day.

    He refused their rules, told the 'minions' their labor rights and re-injured himself and when he returned from surgery they demoted him because they didn't like his support of the workers. He quit.

    I've been to Target about 1/8 as much since, usually for a semi-emergency stop for something.

    And yes, Busted, I am boosting this signal. Fucking stores; bad enough when employers act as if you exist for their benefit alone, but when stores act as consumers that keep them in business are their fucking serfs to take orders, too?

    Screw them all into a smoking hole in the ground.

  3. Ugh, Tarpit, tried to find out what's up w/them. They have some stock owned by a French investment company. AX Investments. Still trying to find time to see who else's bitch they are. If that woman still has a job, it's criminal. Just proves my theory, kid's alway's rise to the occasion, adult's never cease to disappoint.

  4. I worked at Target during the holidays at the one closest to the Mexican border. There were signs in the bthroom that said in Spanish "please put the toilet paper in the toilet," and I learned how to say "No fumar en la tienda, por favor" real quick. Xmas time is the only time they hire more than a skeleton crew. Ask me about the "ditches" story some time, it's hiliarous, pure exhaustion on my part, we didn't get a break unless we worked more than 6 hrs. Have you ever worked 6 hrs straight in a retail establishment at Xmas time with 1-3 hrs of training that consists of some retarded corporate video?

  5. Unbelievable! This woman should have a nice long career ahead of her at the DMV.