Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good Eats

Oh my, the wife out did herself for dinner tonight.

Thin cut pork chops, salt, pepper, a good dose of chili powder and fry the living shit out of them.

Crunchy on the outside and sweet and juicy at the bone.

Fried potatoes, bread and butter, a nice salad and yes, Ma'am, you have my favorite dinner.

All I missed was a chunk of raw onion.
I am talking some awesome grub here.

I ate so much I am comfortably stuffed.

I normally don't eat very much all at once, I eat here and there all day but I put in eleven hours today and she had the first batch making my favorite noise when I got home.
Silly girl, she was cutting the meat off pork chops with a knife.Lucky me, I just grab 'em and start gnawing on 'em like a starving scavenger beasty.

Table manners?
Don't make me laugh.

My Granny used to make pork chops like this and one day, there was one left.
I grabbed for it at the same time my uncle did, I got there first with my hand and my uncle had a fork.
I drew back bleeding but I had the pork chop, he drilled me but good on the back of my hand and I didn't miss a beat,Scarf.City..

I got to finish off five or six to the point my cat was pissed off, there is nothing left.

Sorry kitty, mine!

Yumm,yumm, I saved one for lunch tomorrow.

Damn, I love this woman.

She is from Minnesota but I am going to teach her how to cook Southern style if it kills me and she just stepped up to the plate, waved her spatula at the fences and knocked one out of the park.

So far, my plan for world domination is on schedule, I have patience......
and an appetite.

Wanna see little pieces of cat and a happy Ornery Bastard on Extra Dry?
Throw one of those pork chops in there.

My all time favorite Far Side cartoon.


  1. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Nothing like a good tasting meal that satisfies a man's appetite . . . well, then theres . . .

  2. All well and good until the cardiologist comes calling. Oh well you only live once.

  3. I loves me some pork chops, but I like them slow simmered in cream of mushroom soup with sliced onion. Yer lady sounds like a helluva good cook, and I'm glad she makes ya happy :)