Monday, October 24, 2011

Good News For All You Tent City Folks

I am just going to leave the link to the story because I am so fucking disgusted at too little too late from this guy.

If ya's got something to say, get after it.


  1. I'm sorry..but how I see it is they are just pulling out a little K-Y jelly here
    His "O"ness has had very little help(he's a black guy ya know)
    Bunch of nut fuck right wing christian bigoted war mongr'n,fascist,banker cocksuckers,did I mention nuctfuckchristianshits have taken control and don't wan't ther even though he has continued the Bush doctrine...of war and more war and more police state..on&on
    Any way ya bank fucks help the people out and refinance and please use thew K-Y on the interest!

  2. A buddy of mine was involved with the first round of refinancing. He had a Countrywide loan. Remember them? They were the first big company to tank.

    The program had him dealing with BOA. It was like going from the frying pan into the fryer. He did everything right, yet BOA still tried to foreclose. Screwed up what was left of his credit rating.

    Had their corporate offices been closer, you'd have read about a distraught man with a high powered rifle shooting bankers in the lobby.

    Eventually, he straighten everything out, but it took a year of constant effort and a solid paper trail.

    I don't expect this program to be much better

  3. The last house I had, the mortgage got bought by three different mother fuckers and I wouldn't know until the bill showed up.
    There was some vicious go back and forth with those sonsabitches there at the end.

    Mysterious charges out of no where that drove the payment up over a hundred bucks a month and not one coherent answer why.
    Two days before it forclosed, I sold it.
    At one point, I got so pissed off at the realtor, I hung up the phone and walked out the front door and ripped his sign out of the ground and flung it into the street..
    An eight foot four by four with the sign on it..

    The asshole called me the next day and I told him to come get his sign, after I moved my truck to go to work.

    Oh yeah, I was in the front row of this fucking mess.