Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nanny Remembers You.

I ain't talking about that lousy gift you gave her on her last birthday, either.

Wanna go out and tear some shit up in Brittain?

How about burning a bunch of stuff while yer at it?

Police use facial recognition technology to nab rioters .

Don't think for a minute that isn't being used here, either.

It's just one more way we have been ass fucked by the Patriot Act.

Get a load of this,
Chief Constable Andy Trotter, who is helping London police in the wake of the riots, said the department's sophisticated software was being used to help find those suspected of being involved in the worst unrest London has seen in a generation.

But he cautioned that facial recognition makes up only a fraction of the police force's efforts, saying tips have mostly come from traditional sources, such as still images captured from closed circuit cameras, pictures gathered by officers, footage shot by police helicopters or images snapped by members of the public.

"There's a mass of evidence out there," Trotter said in a telephone interview. "The public are so enraged that people who wouldn't normally come forward are helping us — especially when they see their neighbors are coming back with brand new TVs."

Now, go back and reread that.

Remember, this is England, the Crown Prince of the Surveillance States.

You can't wear a hat in a bar, they replaced all the glasses in bars with plastic, you can't own a gun without an extremely byzantine reason, like hunting for rabbits, and you had better have a rabbit problem too.
You can't have a knife, etc., etc,.

The number one seller on Amazon over there has been Aluminum Bats.

No fucking shit, sales are up 6,000 percent. I am surprised that Ye Olde Slings and Arrows aren't far behind.

Now, we all know the shit our country has been pulling, they can track your location by your cell phone, and do.

The all of a sudden legal hijinks that violate our Fourth Amendment rights has lost count.

They are after the First one and several more are now completely defunct, ask a cop, he will tell ya to your face, you have no rights.
Habeus Corpus, Miranda warnings, you name it serf, you have NO fucking rights.

Witness for yourself in case you have been living under a rock since 1967,

Wasn't that pleasant?
If you watch the TV show Cops, you ain't seen nothing yet.

I know, I am kind of veering off the origins of this post, but then again, I'm not.
The violence happening in London is coming here, mark my fucking words.
The difference is going to be that the violence and blood letting that happens here is going to be Biblical in it's proportions compared to this little Picaddilly in England.

Stay away from it at all costs.

They have surveillance cameras the size of a pin head these days and they are every where.
They will use the same technology to hunt you down and disappear your ass.

Been into a bank lately?
The government can find you.

I am not saying this country doesn't need a revolution, it does on a serious scale.
What I am saying is if you think you can just go ape shit wild and still sleep at night, those days are over.


  1. My guess is that they'll prosecute a token number as a warning to the rest, but most will get away with it. There are too many for the system to process.

    Just wait until they figure out a power failure kills the cameras.

  2. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Nothing so drastic is needed.

  3. Hester Prynne6:57 AM

    I have a Guy Fawkes mask! I agree with you Busted. When people in this country finally get hungry enough, and I do mean starving, it is going to be really ugly. And it will dwarf what's happening in London and the velvet revolution in the middle east. There are marches on Wall Street weekly, if not more than that. We never see that on ANY mainstream media stations. I just hope that something good can come out of this for our country, that once was so great.

  4. Good point busted, good point! I have been thinking this for some time, and wanting to TAKE IT TO THE STREETS, but worry about this "america" in which we live and what the jackboots can do to us if we do....then you bring up THIS, which makes so much sense that it frightens me....and I am armed!

    Anony, I am thinking we might want to get some like maybe Maori tatts on our faces or something decorative to defeat the fucking cameras eh?

  5. Anonymous2:33 PM

    if any of you are on FB and have your real picture up, it can be used to ID you. the eyes are the big giveaway. just sayin'.

    mrs. jp