Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Wasn't Talking To You

The following was shamelessly stolen from Joel over at The Ultimate Answer To Kings.

He's a crusty old fart with my kind of attitude. I get a kick out of him on a regular basis.

Feel free to swing by and tell him Busted sent ya.

He is right, it needs to go viral

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  1. How did we (the people) get hijacked into thinking that our greatest problems are the debt and deficit?

    Those things actually have nothing to do with the lack of jobs!

    Everybody at the top is so busy shoveling money to the others at the top that they don't6 have time or incentive to create any fucking jobs!

    This debt and deficit hokey pokey is nothing more than another fucking SCAM, my friend, and, as always, we are the ones being fleeced.

    I'll post a picture when I have my next load of scrap for Metro metals loaded and ready to go. I built me a new scrap trailer on a 18' frame. Should be a good load with non-ferrous on the Ranger and iron/etc. on the trailer...

    Best of luck to you!