Sunday, May 01, 2011

Can We Dissolve The Department Of Homeland Security Now?

OK, Osama Been Dead now.

OK, now what?
 We actually have his body!
How fucking cool is that?!
Osama Bin Ladin is finally dead.
Yah fucking Hoo.

The fucking President hasn't even spoken about it yet.

The jizz is running down  Chuck Todd's chin as I type.

Can we get rid of the Patriot Act now?

Hey, GW?
 You fucking pussy, a black man finally got the fucker.

The 8th anniversary of Mission Accomplished. To the fucking day.

Shadenfruede to the tenth power.
Have some of this;

Have some covert operations.
We have known for a long time that he was in Pakistan.
  Did they use UPS or FedEX to get his body out of the country?

"US Personell Involved",

The talking heads  on tee vee have had a collective orgasm and are currently trying to make  GW a fucking hero.
Excuse me?

 Bush has been out of office for two and a half years and still can't figure out how to lift the lid on a toilet.

OMG, 9/11. Taliban,McChrystal,, 
What The Fuck Ever.
These fucking people  from the Main Stream media need to be dragged down the street by their intestines.

Anyway, this chapter of American History is over.


Bonus round, My sister in law, what a sweetie, caught this screen grab from Fox Fucking News and sent it to me;


Bonus round, I told my brother that the fucking media was going to blow this up to equate the end of World War two and I will be damned if they didn't do exactly that.

Brian Fucking Williams @ NBC, did exactly that.

Excuse the fuck out of me,  One dead mother fucker is equal to four years of world wide war and hundreds of thousands of human beings being killed in horrific ways?

BTW, Fuck you Cheney, Fuck you Rumsfield and fuck all of you sonsabitches that lied to our faces.
 RIP Pat Tillman and all the other American servicemen and women who have been killed for their lies and Please take away the pain and suffering of the wounded.
 From all sides.
The Collateral damages.
These cocksuckers are guilty of ordering the death and suffering of over a half a million people, because of one guy.

Never, ever, forget that.


  1. Ummm,, I'm calling bullshit on this !!! They kill him and dump his body in the ocean 4 hours later,,, bull fucking shit !!!!

  2. Hi Busted,

    In addition to disbanding Homeland Security, can we bring all the troops home now?


  3. Celtic Artist6:51 AM

    This whole thing is so sickening. I am glad he's dead but too bad G.W. is still taking up space on the planet. Can't the navy seals kill his dumbass for all the misery he's caused? I don't know why but I find it hard to believe they killed Bin Laden. Dontcha think they've got him in Gitmo, like for a little torture? Could that be why Obama never closed it down? Just a thought.

  4. busted. see? since the "birther" idiots don't have anything to do they have collectively decided to start a brand new conspiracy. OBL is not dead. Obama faked it.
    And so the keyboard commandos have a brand new target.OBL is not dead, but if he is its because of bush.
    or Obama is lying, but if OBL is dead its due to the "intelligence" we got from the torture of KSM.
    or, I don't believe anything that Obama says, which also means that all of the specops people have to be in on the "lie".
    or, they will heap praise on the US military while at the same time ignoring Obama.
    or, like faux spews, they will "miswrite" Obama for osama
    Whatever, the msm is nothing more than a right wing organ, conglomerate owned and operated all for the benefit of the plotocracy.

  5. We'll call them "deathers". Donald Trump will be demanding to see OBL's long form death certificate ANY minute now :).

    Obama basically implied that capturing or killing OBL was *not* a priority for the Shrubbery. So of course all those jizz receptacles cum "presstitutes" who'd sucked on the Shrubbery's tool all those years had to immediately jump up and give the Shrubbery all the credit. I was watching CBS before the President's speech, and it was sickening watching all these grown men bending over to suck the Shrubbery's tool in prime time. You'd think they'd get tired of dick, but apparently not.

    My understanding is that they're bringing the body to New York City before dumping it into the ocean. Hopefully they parade it around the site of the WTC on a pike before dropping it into the nearest sewer...

    - BT

  6. 'Usama' is a legit alternate spelling.

  7. What Gordon said. Remember that OBL's name in Arabic is something like squiggle dot wobble squiggle, i.e., there is no direct English alphabetical equivalent. Sorta like Beijing vs. Peking, if you'd said Beijing 30 years ago, folks wouldn'ta known what you was talkin' bout.

  8. To bad he didn't survive long enuff to rat out his comrades Bush and Cheney. Oops no witness now...

  9. Osammy Bin Rotting is very much dead, and has been for years. This story IS bullshit, but not because Osammy is still alive....

    And just so we're clear, FUCK the Shrub for getting us into this quagmire. And FUCK Obammy for keeping it going, entering TWO MORE FUCKING WARS, and letting loose the bull dyke Napolitano and the Testicle Squeezer ASSociation, all of which make the "patriot" act look like child's play...

  10. I so adore you dude!

    And the whole dumping his ass in the ocean..I am calling bullshit on that too.

    First off, The Big Dick Cheney and The Shrub congratulate Da Black Man? Wow-fucking-wee..they must both of gotten hard-ons when they heard the news.Then the jealousy set in.

    There is now a fucking Tshirt of the Statue of Liberty holding Osama's fucking quaint is that?

    Bring our soldiers home now you fucks.

  11. XoXo Dusty, I still get anti virus warnings when I try to visit honey.

    Mayberry, LOL, I have been waiting for you.

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