Thursday, May 05, 2011

As Usual. What Digby Said

I know I have never linked to this brilliant lady and it is way the hell overdue, but she drills the nail on the head with a big fucking hammer here.

Good on ya .


  1. Nothing that remotely smacks of an Obama/Dem success can be mumbled under their breath, let alone celebrated. The anti-nazicommiefascistsocialistkenyanmuslim Other agenda trumps all.

    The SEALs probably don't give a shit. They know what they did.

  2. Well the rethuglicons have shit on just about everybody else in this country. Lem see, unions, teachers, fire fighters and police are on their list.

    Interestingly the word verify was dumpecca sounds like the trifecta of dumping perfect description of what the rethugs did.