Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waiting Again

This is the update to the last post.
I think it went OK, we shall see.
I am way the fuck over qualified for this and it isn't really a mechanic type job, not in a get in there and hand me that special tool that cost me two hundred bucks five years ago and I have only used twice since then kind of thing. There is no, open the hood kind of vehicle maintenance as far as I can see. They want a plant maintenance guy, swing or grave yard.
I don't have a problem with those shifts, it's just me and the fucking cat. My sweetie is eighty miles away and we do what we can, a lot, when we can.
It's union, four bucks an hour more than what I was making getting the shit stressed out of me every fucking day.
They told me to leave my roll aways at home and bring a fucking carpenters belt with throw away tools, if they hire me.
I got grilled real good by the personnel dude about what my past was with the last out fit, many, many questions, from when I got hired nine years ago to the day I got laid off. There are certain things you are not supposed to say about former employers but fuck that. You asked, here it is. if ya don't like it, my unenjoyment check will still come in the mail and I ain't worried about it.

I finally got to talk to the dude in charge of the maintenance program and his number two.
I am such a personabal sonofabitch.
If there had been a six pack sitting there it would have been like we had been friends for years.
That doesn't mean jack shit when it comes to a job interview though.

They asked me what I wanted out of the job and I told them truthfully that I had no idea what they were looking for, I came into this blind.
I told them being inside would be nice.
 Oh, fuck no, they want someone to be in and out, climbing a hundred feet up to fix God knows what. Hey, been there, done that.I told the guy I have arthritis in my fingers but as long as I had glove liners and gloves, I can do this easy.
I still have a couple of sets of insulated coveralls too.
Like I said, we shall see. They were smiling as I left, the guy said he had three or four more interviews. One thing they were interested in was whether or not I was going to commited to ending my working career out there. They are looking for a long time commitment.
I will pass on the girl friend jokes at this point.
At my age and physical condition, you want me to get a union job at way the hell over what I have been paid for the last fifteen years, I don't have to do anything but climb up shit with a safety harness and I don't have one fucking tenth of the stress I have been dealing with?

You have my number.
I have some ten year at a time jobs, most recently nine years and ten fucking days. I am not looking for parking cars on a Saturday night, every other weekend.

Like I said, if it doesn't happen?
I get to lay around on my dead ass for about a year and a half. I somehow have lost more weight, clear down to 139 pounds, that is pretty fucking skinny.
What can I say, I eat when I feel like it.
I am currently trying to knock a couple off of Nasty Girl. This is a vacation I can get behind.
Of course, she is panicking and trying to fatten me back up. The best part Is I am the one doing the cooking and she fucking loves it.
I can cook when the urge comes upon me.

Thanks fer stopping by, there could be some kind of "vulgar" rant coming.
Gimme a break, "vulgar"?

People who leave comments telling me I am vulgar obviously do not see that header at the top of the page where it says "ORNERY BASTARD".

Get a fucking clue.


  1. 130 lbs shit busted you need some of Che Bill's good cooking to put some meat on your skinny ass...

  2. At least you have a possibility. We don't have squat here. I've done all that climbing and stuff for the last 20 years and by the way, I don't tip 135lbs on a good day. Never stopped me.

  3. Oh, I love your post and The Bitchy Waiter. I know what is coming...and it gives me a laugh every time. And, you are sooo honest.

  4. fingers and toes crossed dood. sounds like it has good possibilities -- and if it don't work out it wasn't meant to be.

    you better put some meat on those bones busted -- don't want you blown off when climbing up shit

  5. They'll give you a safety harness? That's sissy stuff.


  6. Why is it the wimmens want to feed us when we lose 'too much' weight?

  7. You're being too damn nice again.

  8. well my friend it might be good news for you. Your a good guy and I hope this works out. i'm typing weird cause im in the hospital all wired up and i'm not dying
    i saw some of those comments, may i just say fuck being you is why we come... okay see ya later and good luck

  9. Anonymous8:12 AM

    No I read the title. I just think that your discriptive crap has nothing to do with trying to survive and even if you positively dislike everyone in the country even your dog ol' blu, you could be less discriptive in vulgarnacular.
    But see that you think like a thirteen year old with only his warped harmone's and trying to be super cool with your trash talk.
    Listen I know all the dirty words. And I know about how the world is. I don't like a lot of the people on your list. I personally would use their pictures as toilet paper. But don't think I would discribe how I would do it. Isn't saying toilet paper a vision of where it would be used? One doesn't need to give out vision's of a TALLY WHACKER out wild spraying pee like a fire hose.

  10. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Sorry forgot to mention you need to really think about how you phrase stuff and the subject matter some loon out there might just think you are a pervert not just a loose lipper.
    And hope you get the job. Really Really.

  11. Anonymous,
    this Blog is my Blog, I do what I want.
    This Blog is not about prepping per se. I do what I can and encourage people to be prepared because bad things are coming.
    If you want 24/7 survival and prepping then I suggest you go to Survival Blog or go see Creekmore.
    As for having the mind set of a thirteen year old I would have to argue a bit about that.I am fifty years old and I have been around the block a few times.
    I appreciate your stopping by but if you don't like the content then don't aggravate your self.

  12. Heh, there's people who read the big title at the top of the page and don't expect you to be both ornery and a bastard? Their loss; I like reading you.

    And jury's out on whether 139 is skinny or not 'cause I've got no idea how tall you are. All I know is that on my 6' tall husband he'd look like a concentration camp survivor, but on my 4'11" ass I look like a plump little sausage. I've got the "before" pictures to prove that last bit.

  13. It's not as though any of us are getting rich at this blogging gig. We do it for our own amusement. We are the equivalent of a crazy person 100 years ago with a megaphone, standing on a box and ranting at the world.

    So if some folks don't like what you write, fuck them if they can't take a joke.

  14. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Well, Well, Well seems your the one aggrivated. Yes, indeed it is your blog and indeed you can do as you wish. But would think that you would hand out some of that generousity that you want me to have for your discriptive yuk! talk.
    Age has nothing to do with anything. I was implying that this is seen a lot in 13 year old harmonal age group.
    But see that you are free but I am not. Sure seems funny. Seems to be a warped message there.

  15. Short Woman,
    I am just shy of six foot so yes, I am pretty damn skinny.

    EB Misfit,
    That's why I like you so much, we pretty much have the same attitude.

    Thanks fer stopping by ladies.
    I do appreciate it.

  16. Anonymous3:00 PM

    If you want it, I hope you get it.
    Best wishes.
    And please keep your posts coming - they are always a bright spot in my day!

  17. I love reading your, your posts. You speak the truth dude and for that I heart you. Um, its not like I ain't fond of the f-bombs eithet...ya know? ;)

    Good luck, hope the suits call you back Monday morning.

  18. Anonymous8:00 PM

    dear anon., he is free because it is HIS blog. you want autonomy, get your own blog and THEN you get to call the shots. it's not really that difficult a concept.

    mrs. jp

  19. I'm curious to know how things turn out.

  20. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Someone needs to learn how to spell easy words--aggravate, hormonal,generosity, descriptive, and describe. Learn where to place commas; learn a little grammar. Really, if you are going to rant, you might as well do it correctly. You leave yourself open to criticism, hmmmm? If content is excellent, I tend not to bring out the English teacher and red pen. Behave. Your message is trash.Does anyone force you to read this blog? I come here eagerly. It takes a bit of work to open a blog. Blogs don't just fly in my face. So, it is easy to avoid ones I do not like. You, too, can learn how.

  21. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Okay my spellering and punk-choo-a-shun ain't so good. But ig-nurt is a flaw too. Go ahead and mark away. I like red. Good, glad you like his site. That is why he is here. He fills a need. undoubtedly yours and others. I keep hoping he will say something that will give me a reason to keep reading his blog. Hope does endure. And learning is why I read blogs. There is some neat stuff on them.
    I injoyed his interview for a job tale. Hope he gets it.

  22. Hey Busted good luck and how much of that four bucks an hour goes to the union dues, cuz you'll be lucky to break even I bet.

    N where in FUCK did you pick the anon asshats? Geez what fucking PILLS.

    Buried deep in their mom's basement in their bunny slipper pj's with the bottom flap open fingers stained with orange Cheetoh coloring.

    Better you than me, Busted.


  23. Anonymous7:09 AM

    So many people who have read your posts are are saying the same thing. They have been here and done that!
    To read that you might have to climb great heights and dangle on a string is what I have gone through on these interviews too.
    I am still working at 66 and this last job is one I got only two and a half years ago. I been at places too for ten and fourteen years.
    But I was told that I got this job because I have 'experience'.!
    Which means that there are a lot of Joes out there that can't do what my mother could just a little while back. Common sense is what it is.
    Good luck Knuck. And happy sailing with your friend. You always need a friend.