Saturday, September 18, 2010

Coming Up For Air

I have been at Nasty Girls since Wednesday, I surprised her and showed up out of the blue.
Good lord, this woman takes good care of me!

Of course, I return the favor in spades. She is a very happy lady too.
I can barely type.Fuck, I can barely see.

I am one lucky sonofabitch, let me tell ya.
Fuck the lottery, when ya find a good woman, you have hit the jack pot.
I may be broke as a church mouse but I am filthy rich.
That's it, all I have to say.
If ya don't hear anything from me ever again, I died a happy man.
 Death by Double D's is the way to go my friends.


  1. dood, you totally crack me up... death by double d's..... hahahaha

    tell ng i said howdy and to put some pounds on your skinny ass

  2. Actually, she is the one that coined the term, I just liked it enough to use it.

  3. Bout time you found a good woman to take care of your skinny ass Busted... NG glad to see you are taking care of Busted's sorry ass... someone has to and sounds like you enjoy it☺ Oh and make sure you fatten him up 139 lbs WTF feed his scrawny ass....

  4. That would be her, not me.

  5. Busted, I had a similar experience you've been having when I met mine in '84. Torrid.


    Nothing like it. I moved in with her inside of 3 months, into a studio apt giving up my 7 year 4 bedroom rental house with a huge backyard and garden.

    I was a chef, she was a waitress. We both wanted out of the business. God it was torrid.


    Best of luck to ya hoss . . . . I've got a key interview myself Monday at 10am.

    A job would be nice, given as long as it's been and my honey has carried my ass. I owe, big time.

    And that's how it works, as a couple, as a team.

    Torrid, I'm tellin ya.

  6. Hey, as long as you don't have to wear a safety harness...


  7. Hi Busted,

    Shouldn't that be "the little death" by double D's?