Monday, July 06, 2009

Playing In The Dirt

My buddy gave me some corn plants he culled so I was out making room for them yesterday.
I went up to his place to get them and gave him some advice on how to thin his plants, he was complaining about his onions and radishes not doing so well.
Dude, they can't be right next to each other in a big bunch.
He thinned them out and now wants to replant them.
He has time for the radishes, I don't know about the onions.
Speaking of onions, my white ones are doing great but the red ones I put in at the same time aren't doing worth a shit, weird.

I found a cucumber I didn't know was there, snagged a yellow wax pepper to go with dinner and made a huge mistake by putting in pole beans instead of bush beans.
Live and learn.

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